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Exquisitely Travel In Bhutan With Druk Asia Tour & Treks 


Bhutan is a land in south-central Asia, located in the eastern hills of the Himalayas, also known as the Buddhist kingdom. They are famous for cloisters, fortresses, and serene landscapes. Many people like to call Bhutan the land of thunder dragons for obvious reasons. Locally it is known as “Druk Yul”. 

Bhutan as a mountainous country gives an enormous ecosystem within their country. The hilly view of Bhutan’s magical topology will make any person feel that they are in a majestic era. Even though Bhutan is a very small country, its view will never disappoint. Centuries-old blockhouses, valleys, and rivers, everything makes Bhutan a very exquisite country. 

Their ideology of life can give you warmth and a fresh feeling to continue and view your life in a new way. 

The authenticity of Bhutan’s natural landmarks is truly magnificent when you get to enjoy them in person. As a very peaceful country, their spirituality is indescribable.

Here comes the question, how to enjoy and what is the right way to explore Bhutan? 

And for this, DrukAsia Tours & Treks will be the best choice for you. 

DrukAsia Tours & Treks is a travel specialist based in Bhutan managed by professionals and dedicated teams to provide the best service in order to help their tourists to get the best of Bhutan’s natural and extraordinary views. Their team’s common goal is to make their customers satisfied with the services. They can’t let their guests go down in return for their interest in Bhutan. To make it easier for the tourists they have created multiple tour packages. 

Let us break down these packages for you

Bhutan’s Cultural Tours: 

If your target is to witness the country’s culture, its way of life, and enjoy the landscapes then this package is suitable for you. 

Bhutan’s Festival Tours: 

Bhutan’s festivals are rich and filled with spiritual virtue, which is celebrated in a variety of colorful ways. It is also the expression of ancient Buddhist culture. So to enjoy their festival you must take this package.

Bhutan’s luxury tours : 

If you are more of a luxury person and want to enjoy the same in Bhutan, avail of this package to get the highly acclaimed resorts and relax with the hospitality of Bhutanese.

Bhutan’s adventure tours : 

If you are an adventurous person who loves to stay outdoors and has a love for mountains? Then grab this package to witness bird views, biking to the mountain, kayaking, marathon, etc. 

Bhutan’s trekking tours : 

It is the best way to explore the actual beauty of bhutan. A mountainous country always serves the best to trekkers who want to explore the Himalayas mountains and watch the cities from the top of the hills.

You must not miss this package.

Bhutan’s Bespoke Tours: 

Solo traveler or not, they tailor your needs accordingly to give you the service you are looking for, occasionally they also do wedding shoots, photo treks, meditations, etc. So if you are someone who needs something like this, get this package to explore in a unique way. 

All these packages can be customized and to know more in detail you can check the websites for your desired packages.

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