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Find Out Now, What Should You Do to Apply for Skilled Worker Visa


Anyone with a job offer for a skilled position in the UK is eligible for a Skilled Worker Visa, with the exception of British and Irish citizens. The route may result in settlement, and applicants may be joined by children and partners who are dependent on them.

What is the Skilled Worker Visa?

The Tier 2 (General) visa has been phased out, and the UK Skilled Worker visa has replaced it as the primary immigration route for people seeking to work in the UK.

The initial length of the UK Skilled Worker Visa which can be obtained for up to five years, is long-term (it depends on the duration of your Certificate of Sponsorship or Sponsor Licence). It is important to remember that the visa is only valid if the skilled workers continue to work for their sponsoring employer. They must submit a new Skilled Worker visa application if they want to switch jobs or employers.

How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa

The application for a Skilled Worker visa from outside the UK is completed online at the Home Office website. After receiving the job offer, Certificate of Sponsorship, and other supporting documents, interested skilled workers can start the visa application process with the following requirements:

  1. Provide evidence that shows ability and experience (i.e., certificates of training).
  2. Employers must be on the Home Office’s approved list of licenced sponsors.
  3. Demonstrate Sponsor licence by an employer.
  4. Adhere to the language requirements for English.
  5. Earn at least £25,600 annually, which is equivalent to £10.10 per hour.
  6. Fill out the correct online application form.
  7. Pay for the application fee, biometric fee, and healthcare surcharge.

They may also be required to show the following:

  • A legitimate job offer from an authorised UK employer is required.
  • Abilities at least equal to RQF level 3 (in the UK, this is equivalent to earning an A-level).
  • At least £1,270 in a bank account to prove they can support themselves once employed.

How to Apply for a Sponsor Licence

Before submitting an application for a skilled worker visa, the interested applicant must have a job offer from a UK employer with a Sponsorship Licence.

  1. Contact an immigration lawyer who can guide you through the entire process. The immigration lawyers at mishoura.com are all ready to assist you starting with a preliminary Consultation Session to determine eligibility, then continue with the full application, audit visits to the Home Office, help with the SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) and Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT).
  2. The company must be legally able to operate or conduct business in the UK.
  3. Depending on the kind of worker you want to sponsor, decide which licence you want to apply for.
  4. Choose a manager for sponsorship in your company.
  5. Apply online and pay the application fee.

Skilled Worker Minimum Salary Requirement

The minimum salary requirement for a Skilled Worker visa is £25,600 per year (or £10.10 per hour), but if your work will pay below the salary requirement by the Immigration Rules (no less than £20,480), you may still be qualified to apply for a Skilled Worker visa by exchanging qualities against a lower salary to achieve the necessary number of points.

Visa Extension for Skilled Workers

If you are still employed by the same sponsor/employer and are still employed in the same position when your visa expires, you are eligible to extend it, provided that your occupation code is the same with your latest visa. If you intend to change jobs or employers, however, you must apply for a new visa rather than extending your current one. The number of times your visa can be extended is entirely up to you.

We Can Help You!

Many industries, such as agriculture, technology, hospitality, and finance, rely on foreign talent to meet customer demands, launch innovative projects, and grow their businesses. Several UK employers may require a sponsor licence after Brexit. As a result, it is a good idea to employ immigration lawyers who can assist you with your sponsor licence duties and responsibilities and to stay informed of any changes to pertinent regulations.

In order to find a lawyer using the website, you can either complete and submit a brief questionnaire or schedule a same-day consultation with one of the advisors. Then you will receive a list of top recommendations 90 minutes later.

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