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Five Best Anonymous Web Hosting Providers


Are you searching for a web-hosting that will protect your private data from prying eyes? The one that will not reveal your identity under any circumstances? Then only anonymous hosting allows you to host your content anonymously without exposing your true identity.

Anonymous hosting allows registering your website or any online project under a pseudonym.

This article will review the five best options for anonymous web hosting, and it will also include a clear tutorial on choosing the best anonymous hosting provider.

The level of anonymity offered by anonymous hosting

Anonymous hosting, thanks to sign-up that won’t require any personal details and anonymous crypto payments, provides the only choice to share and host your online content anonymously.

Perhaps you wish to start an anonymous blog, host an anonymous website, or you just need to keep your privacy intact for various reasons. You might as well be investigative journalist, or only a regular user looking to keep your personal information hidden from publicly available archives like domain registrars.

You may pick from a wide range of reputable hosting companies that will satisfy your needs, whether maintaining your online anonymity is something you desire or feel you must do.

You may optimise your online presence with the help of these services, which both follow the principle that a top anonymous hosting company should. Anonymous hosting service also provides site performance and reliability, in addition, to properly securing user’s identity and privacy.

Anonymous hosting ensures that no one of your data may be used to identify you. So how does that happen? With anonymous hosting, you can register with a pseudonym. Furthermore, cryptocurrency payment methods are the only available payment options, making it impossible to identify the anonymous server owner.

We know online payments usually involve providing personal information like your name, address, phone number, and more. However, the Bitcoin option offered by the anonymous hosting service also solves this issue.

Finally, these anonymous hosting services are often hosted overseas. Offshore hosting benefits from different jurisdictions (based on the server location) and often don’t comply with DMCA takedown notices. Offshore hosting is ideal for clients located in countries that prohibit certain online content.

Which is the best anonymous hosting provider?

Anonymous hosting services present very sophisticated alternatives for maintaining your privacy. It is entirely up to you to disguise your IP and leave as little of a digital trail as possible. Therefore some anonymous hosting providers even offer onion domains for accessing the control panel anonymously. The onion domain is a top domain with no IP reference, accessible only by the Tor browser. Tor browser reroutes all your traffic through the series of randomly chosen nodes. This way, monitoring your activity or tracing your location will be impossible.

Anonymous hosting offered by prv.to (abbreviation for private) offers everything expected from a top anonymous hosting provider. Easy, anonymous sign-up, various cryptocurrency payment methods, and onion domain for untraceable control panel access. This hosting service provides 99.9 % uptime, cheap hosting plans, and simple one-click installation. Virtual Private Servers for crypto-friendly customers by prv.to offer top anonymous hosting service.

Hostinger is recognised for its outstanding performance, extensive knowledge base, and easy installation. It also accepts several other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin. A corporate hosting package offers great value for your money.

A wide range of hosting options, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting, are available from Hostwinds. Also, you get excellent performance, quick response times, and the chance to pay anonymously with various cryptocurrencies.

With some of the most affordable anonymous hosting options, Namecheap competes with prv.to on price. It accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and its shared hosting options come with free domain names, an integrated CDN, a website builder, and much more.

Although ScalaHosting may not be the most anonymous shared hosting company available, it does supply resellers with an anonymous VPS. Do you want to run a hosting reseller business but would like to appear more like a hosting provider? ScalaHosting will take care of you.

How to choose the best anonymous hosting provider

Choosing the right hosting provider is vital for your business or online project, especially if you must host your content anonymously.

These are the main features defining anonymous hosting:

  1. Sign-up that requires zero personal details;
  2. Acceptance of various crypto payments for hosting fees;
  3. Easy and intuitive server setup;
  4. Reliable servers infrastructure with 99,9% uptime;
  5. Control panel accessible via onion domain;
  6. Easy backups and snapshots for any worst-case scenario.

Based on the above details, we can conclude that prv.to is one of the most anonymous hosting providers in these days. It provides superior server performance, high network uptime, affordable pricing, and total anonymity, thanks to the onion domain. Besides, it accepts payments via various cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin.

In conclusion:

The hosts listed above definitely have a hosting plan waiting for you, whether you wish to publish your blog anonymously, hide your celebrity, or increase your online project’s privacy level.

Site owners who wish to maintain their anonymity have a variety of alternatives from which to pick to power their online endeavours, including the unique value plan from Namecheap or truly anonymous lightning-fast dedicated servers from prv.to.

High levels of privacy and identity protection are the main features of a top anonymous hosting company. However, it should also provide the best possible website performance, security, and price.

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