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Five Signs It is Time to Get a Mammogram in Boise


As you age, you may begin to wonder whether or not you should consider getting a mammogram. When to get a mammogram depends greatly on your age and hereditary risk. Various health organizations suggest that screening mammograms should be sought from age 40 to 50. You should speak with your doctor about the age that is right for you to start a Boise mammogram Also, you must look out for warning signs of breast cancer that require getting a diagnostic mammogram. The following signs tell you it might be time to consider a mammogram, regardless of your age. 

There is a Lump in Your Breast

Does your breast have a lump that wasn’t before? If so, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible. A lump is a sign of a breast tumor. And the only way to get know if it is benign or cancerous is to get a screening done. Also, a lump in the underarm or armpit could sometimes indicate breast cancer. 

Your Breast Changed in Size

Breasts may change in size due to hormone fluctuation. But a drastic change in the size or shape of one of the breasts can be a cause for concern. Also, you should be worried about changing your skin thickness and texture. Consult with your doctor about getting a diagnostic mammogram.

Your Breast is Swelling

Swelling or thickening in a part of your breast can indicate breast cancer. It may or may not include irritation, dimpling, or reddening of the skin. If you experience such symptoms, visit your doctor.

Your Nipples are Showing Some Abnormalities

Your nipples should produce only milk, which only happens when you are breastfeeding a child. So, any discharge from the nipple such as blood can be an indication of breast cancer. You may also have this concern if you notice changes to your nipples such as flaky skin, reddening, or pulling in. You need to schedule a mammogram as soon as possible if you notice these symptoms. 

You Experience Frequent and Serious Breast Pain

Because of fluctuating hormones, you will normally experience occasional breast pain. But if your breasts tend to hurt a lot, you might need a mammogram. Although some women in Boise with breast cancer do not experience noticeable symptoms, a lot experience general discomfort or pain that forces them to see a doctor. Do not ignore any abnormalities in your breasts because getting a breast screening early can save your life. 

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