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FUDENG Trailer Factory and Fudeng Trailer Prices


The FUDENG Trailer Factory specializes in manufacturing quality trailers for various purposes. These trailers can be used for bulk cargo, mid/long-distance transportation, and heavy-duty transportation. Their manufacturing processes are based on strict production management practices and advanced skills. The frame of the trailer is a heavy-duty, wear-resistant structure made of manganese plates, which are welded together with automatic submerged arc welding. The trailers are famous in both domestic and foreign markets. Their technological and experienced staff can customize the best productions for each customer.


The Fudeng Trailer Factory was established in 1992 and has become famous in the domestic and foreign markets. The factory specializes in researching and manufacturing high-quality trailer and truck parts. Its main products are low-bed trailers, tractor heads, and bulk cement tank trailers. It also offers trailer parts such as axles and jacks. The company has a team of highly qualified and experienced workers who are dedicated to providing customers with top-notch products.

The company has well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout the entire production. This ensures total customer satisfaction and the products are economical. All Fudeng products are backed by a two-year warranty. Fudeng Trailer Factory has a reliable sales network all over the world and has won the trust of its customers. The company has been working hard to build a strong, healthy, and long-term relationship with its customers.

The low-loader trailer of Fudeng Trailer adopts a steel alloy called HG60. This steel has higher yield strength than ordinary steel. It also has a higher capacity than Q345 steel. The price of HG60 is about twice as much as Q345 steel. This steel is more durable and offers a longer service life, thereby avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs. And the trailers built by Fudeng Trailer are durable and long-lasting.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process at FUDENG Trailer Factory is a highly sophisticated one. All trailers are designed to meet the needs of heavy-duty transportation, mid-long-distance transportation, and bulk cargo. The company’s employees follow strict production management processes and apply advanced skills to produce each trailer. Each trailer is characterized by a high-quality frame and a robust wearing structure. Each trailer is built with 400mm-550mm high manganese plates that are welded together automatically. High-quality components ensure the stability and safety of loads.

The company has well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout the production process. This ensures a high-quality product at a reasonable price. In addition, the factory has obtained various certificates for its high-quality products, including the CE, ISO, and CCC. These certificates help the company maintain high standards of quality and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Founded in 1992, the Fudeng Trailer Prices Factory has made its mark in domestic and foreign markets. Today, the Fudeng brand is recognized for its high-quality products at competitive prices.


Founded in 1992, Fudeng Trailer Prices Factory is famous in domestic and overseas markets. This manufacturer concentrates on the research and development of trucks and trailers with the aim of supplying customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. The main products of Fudeng Trailer are bulk cement tank trailers, low bed trailers, tractor heads, and trailer parts. Its reputation is well-deserved as a manufacturer of quality and cost-effective products.

The quality of FUDENG trailers is unmatched by other manufacturers. Its low loader trailers are manufactured with HG60 steel, which has higher yield strength than ordinary steel. Compared to Q345 steel, HG60 steel has 5 times the loading capacity. In addition, the high yield strength steel is more expensive than Q345 steel, ensuring a long service life and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs.

Besides flatbed trailers, the company also produces side wall trailers. Side-wall trailers are suitable for transporting a variety of products and shipments, including poultry and some bulk cargo. The side wall trailers can also be equipped with container turn locks. Interlink flatbed trailers are also available for sale. They consist of two 20/40ft 2/3 axle flatbed semi-trailers. The interlink flatbed trailer produced by FUDENG Trailer Factory is of high quality.

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