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Funny SpongeBob and Rango coloring pages for kids


Coloring pictures are increasingly capturing the hearts of parents and children around the world. It is not by chance that this type of entertainment has become popular in many countries, and the reason for this is the unexpected benefits. If parents choose coloring pictures for their children, please follow the article below to experience the experience in selecting coloring pictures. SpongeBob and Rango coloring pages will be the right choice for your baby this summer to discover the benefits that will be received when coloring!

SpongeBob coloring pages: It is  the game inspired by famous cartoon characters

Printable Spongebob coloring sheets

How attractive is SpongeBob’s image in the game?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a new game version. The game’s name probably tells you all there is to know: this is a game based on the animated movie SpongeBob SquarePants, and you will have to fight for Bikini Bottom. It sounds serious, but it’s a funny game since we’re talking about SpongeBob.

One day, genius scientist Plankton created a robot clone machine to steal the recipe for Krabby Patty. These robots will complete their mission even if they have to destroy the entire Bikini Bottom sea. However, while overjoyed, Plankton forgot to turn on the “submission” mode for the robots he created, and so the robots fought their creators into the streets before destroying the whole sea city.

All of this happened in SpongeBob’s sleep, and when he woke up, the whole Bikini Bottom had utterly changed. SpongeBob meets with Plankton, and after a short exchange, SpongeBob decides to help Plankton defeat the robot horde to save the sea of Bikini Bottom.

Is the SpongeBob game suitable for children to participate in?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a simple platform game. You will control three familiar characters from the SpongeBob animated series: the sponge, his beloved friend Patrick and the squirrel Sandy Cheeks.

Each of these characters has a few different characteristics and abilities that match their image, such as SpongeBob being able to blow bubbles and strong Patrick lifting objects and throwing them at opponents. Your main goal in this game is to find the scattered Golden Spatulas to unlock areas of Bikini Bottom, defeat the robots and return peace to the entire sea.

Due to the choice of 3D graphics as the basis for its flying gameplay, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated has many strengths and many weaknesses. The game’s power gives gamers many creative features, such as SpongeBob’s “balloon rocket” shots or Patrick’s watermelon throws. We can see the world around us more clearly through the game, which is something that young SpongeBob players will love.

The game gives players short but fun action sequences, contributing to blowing away boredom during gameplay. The combination of fun elements of the character creates the main attraction of the game.

You can switch between the three main characters, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy, to solve mini puzzles or use their powers, but the player can use them for most of the game any character you like. Switching characters is complicated because you have to go back to the bus stops. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated will lose nothing but become even more attractive if you throw away these bus stops and let players change characters with a button.

That is an exciting game because it can bring joy to players from old to young, regardless of whether they watch SpongeBob or not.

SpongeBob coloring pages will not disappoint children when playing with funny characters

Funny images of characters in movies and games always bring a sense of humor and fun. Characters like SpongeBob, Patrick, etc., are trendy among children worldwide. Games, toys, and learning tools are printed with images of the characters a lot. Children always love the cuteness and quirky looks of the characters.

Therefore, when the picture of SpongeBob is included on our coloring page for children to practice coloring, both parents and children are delighted. Not only children but also parents love the characters in SpongeBob. So SpongeBob coloring pages will be the right educational product for your kids.

SpongeBob coloring pages are black and white pictures of funny cartoon characters in the movie. Suppose the children have ever watched a movie or played the game created by SpongeBob. In that case, they will be very interested in coloring the SpongeBob coloring pages because the children have memorized the character’s familiarity.

The characteristics of each character and the color of each character will be observed and familiar to children; when children color SpongeBob coloring pages, children will feel very easy. However, SpongeBob coloring pages are also an opportunity for children to create characters different from their images in cartoons and games. Children can freely choose their favorite colors to color SpongeBob coloring pages. Parents, let’s wait for the unique pictures that children create.

All Spongebob coloring pages are compiled, collected, and designed by us. Spongebob coloring pages are a quality product and are completely free. Parents can refer to and choose to download the right pictures for their children.

Rango coloring pages: Exciting adventures of chameleons

Funny SpongeBob and Rango coloring pages for kids1

Printable Rango coloring sheets

Rango cartoon portrays the vivid American western scene

The cartoon tells the adventure of the chameleon Rango in the Wild West. Rango’s stop is Dirt, an arid, harsh town like its name. His cleverness, trickery, and silly imitation suddenly became valuable. Rango is revered by the people and promoted to the sheriff.

But life in the mysterious Dirt is much more complex than he thought. The water supply to the town was suddenly cut off, causing people to panic. The task of the brand new police chief is to find the water source and arrest the mastermind behind the incident.

Set in the Far West, it’s not surprising that the cowboy genre heavily influences Rango. Gunfights look like Western classics, from images and musical arrangements to action sequences.

In addition, although Rango is just a cartoon, it has the perfect combination of humor, adventure, and action that makes adults and children extremely excited.

Although, in the past time, many animated masterpieces have been continuously released by movie studios with famous cartoons, the story of the police chief Rango is still one of the cartoons. The screen makes the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen. That will be an exciting cartoon for both children and adults.

Rango coloring pages are unique and indispensable pictures this summer for children

Inspired by the animated action-comedy Rango produced in 2011, we bring unique Rango coloring sheets featuring fun cartoon characters to children. And we think the kids will love Rango coloring pages.

There are quite a few educational tools that can support our children’s learning and cognitive processes. In it, coloring pictures have a significant position. It can stimulate children’s interest in participation and has high educational value.

You will only know that you should let your child use coloring pictures as a valuable lesson every day. However, there are unexpected benefits from coloring pictures for children that parents should know. Through Rango coloring, we will learn the benefits of coloring pages for children.

Rango coloring pages will train children to get used to the crayon at preschool age. The skill of the hand to manipulate crayons is gradually formed. It will eliminate incorrect grip positions later on.

With a foundation from holding crayons, children will easily use pens when they enter 1st grade. Their handwriting will improve quickly, and you will see your child write beautifully.

Rango coloring pages can bring many skills to children. Children will learn to coordinate things by holding crayons and recognizing the right colors for their character drawings.

Rango coloring pages also have specific instructions for children to color in the correct position of the character according to the outline. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination in children. It can also combat distraction if you let your child practice coloring complex drawings with more detail.

Children often have boring when doing something for a long time. However, they can work hard for a while when coloring pictures until they complete their picture. They do this not out of compulsion but out of inspiration and desire.

Your kids can color in many ways, coloring Rango coloring pages they like. So when completing a coloring picture, children will be relaxed and increase their patience in a very natural way. A study once showed that children who are patient when they are young grow up to be more successful.

Every time they complete a coloring page by themselves, they will feel like they’ve done significant something. They will probably show off to their parents, siblings, or friends. It strengthens confidence in children, helping them to be bolder. Let’s join the Rango coloring pages, and complete the pictures beautifully!


At the stage of preschool children, babies can be familiar with many different colors and drawings. Parents can let children color pre-printed pictures for children to practice coloring or let them freely create as they want. Initially, it is necessary to choose coloring pictures with more details, simple lines, and big drawings for children to color efficiently.

SpongeBob and Rango coloring pages include simple to complex pictures; parents can freely choose for their children according to their age and ability. We wish you a wonderful summer with lots of great cute coloring pages.

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