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Future of Roulette: How to Play Live Dealer Roulette


Live dealer Roulette online is exactly what you would expect. It is a Roulette table where you play in a virtual environment, with a live dealer. As you surely know, regular online Roulette tables do not have a live dealer. They are run by random number generator software and can be completely impersonal.

With online live dealer Roulette, you can enjoy Roulette live play alone or with other players.

What Is Live Dealer Roulette?

In live dealer Roulette, you stay at a computer and you use an online casino software to connect to the game. As opposed to the standard online tables you might be used to, in this case, you are connected to an actual Roulette table in an actual casino through cameras. You can see the Roulette table and the dealer, with all the action happening live. This mimics the brick-and-mortar experience in a much closer way than with the standard online casino.

Differences Between Live Dealer And Standard Online Roulette

The reason why Roulette live play was invented is the attempt to make the online game seem more like what you would expect in a brick-and-mortar Roulette table. All the Roulette games would be handled online, but you get to see the live dealer spin the ball and the result of the game.

Regular online Roulette is not at all interactive. Live Roulette is because you can take advantage of streaming technology to interact with the other players and with the dealer. The live online Roulette session can be heads up or with other players involved. And you are 100% sure that nothing is rigged since you see the physical results of spinning the ball in an actual Roulette.

With standard Roulette, you can expect the large collection of free online roulette games without registration, but this is rarely the case with Live Roulette. And you can even tip the dealer if you want to in some online casinos.

How To Play Live Dealer Roulette And Win More

This is very simple. You simply find an online casino offering live Roulette and you learn how to play Roulette. This is enough for you to start playing. But, if you want to win at Roulette live dealer games some real money, things are a little different than with regular online Roulette games. Play to win with the use of these tips:

  • Choose a good live Roulette option

Just as with regular Roulette games, there are 3 types of live dealer Roulette tables:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

If you can, always choose the French Roulette table. It has the best house edge for the player. The second best for you is the European Roulette. Never play at an American Roulette table. You are better off playing free slot games with bonus features no download no registration since you would have better chances of winning.

  • Do not look for Unbalanced wheels

In regular casinos, you might sometimes find an unbalanced Roulette wheel, although this is quite rare in modern times. But, even so, some players look for one on the internet, in live dealer casino online games. This is specifically the case with smaller casinos that do not have money to invest in expensive live rooms. Do not think like that because Roulette wheel irregularities are very easy to identify with modern casino management software even in live games.

  • Practice First

Roulette games can only be won when you know the optimum Roulette strategy. And you can use that strategy in online games with some mistakes since you play more turns per hour. Your errors would be covered in time. But, with live Roulette games, every strategy problem you have becomes disastrous.

You have to learn how to win at Roulette first and then consider live play. Remember that you cannot play Live roulette for free. In fact, the minimum bet is a little higher than the small Roulette online bets you can be offered, which can even go as low as 1 cent in some cases. Practice first and you will be more successful in live games.

  • Take Advantage Of Bonuses

Roulette house edge is lower than with most other casino games. You can take advantage of this. Use bonuses to reduce this edge even more. If you see a bonus and you can use it in Live roulette games, simply use it.


Live dealer Roulette games are very entertaining and give you much more entertainment than regular online Roulette table games. The number of people playing is constantly growing and it is easy to understand why. If possible, you can enjoy this too but make sure to take advantage of the optimum Roulette strategy when you play.

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