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Galaxy Koi Betta Fish: A Complete Care Guide


Galaxy koi betta fishes have large varieties with distinctive styles, patterns, and colors. This betta category is popular because of its aggressiveness and charm. When we talk about their temperament they are aggressive, belong to the Osphronemidae family, and typically are Carnivores. You can relate them to marble betta. But they have their qualities that make them different in different fish categories. Generally, they love to live in a wild habitat, but they are also readily available in US fish shops. They are rare and most difficult to find among a large category of Betta. When it comes to buying, you must follow some essential tips to check whether the Betta is healthy. You can see wound marks on Betta’s unhealthy body. Their sluggish and erratic behavior can also help to find a good one. If you feel anything above mentioned while checking you should visit another store. 

Habitat and Tank Conditions

Galaxy koi Betta fish spend their lives in freshwater. Mostly wild Bettas live in tropical zones, and they are mildly hot. It would be great for your Betta to manage a wild habitat in an aquarium. Aquarium conditions matter a lot. 

Aquarium Conditions

Making a layer of the fine-grained sandy substrate at the bottom of the tank can enhance the beauty. You can also add plants and caves as hiding places for fish. Plants provide good shelter and help oxygenate the water. If you are breeding koi bettas, you can add more plants on top of the water surface, and fishes can also easily attach their bubble nest. Water hardness should be 5-35 dGH and pH 7 with a temperature of 80°F. Bettas are habitual to living in stagnant conditions. So, make a proper environment according to their needs. Adding a filter that can clean the water when you can’t notice is pretty good. 

Is It Right To Keep Koi Bettas Together?

Keeping a female Bettas is advisable. But if you add female and male Bettas you should be prepared to see their fight. They are aggressive and don’t hesitate to harm their companion fishes. It is recommended to separate male Bettas. If you want to keep multiple female koi bettas in a tank, make a separate female koi tank. It is essential to consider their needs and requirements, and they can be aggressive when they feel their territory is in danger. 

Top Care Guidelines For Galaxy Koi Betta 

As fish lovers know, galaxy koi Betta care is pivotal. They are challenging to handle, but if you are an expert, you should have no problem. It is not advisable to keep galaxy betta fish for beginners. Their health care is also sensitive and time-consuming as they create difficult situations. Without proper care, their life duration can decrease, and they can suffer health problems. Let’s look at koi Betta health guidelines, such as diet and breeding. 

Are Koi Bettas Hardy Fish? 

Usually, when we visit a store, we see they are placed in plastic containers. That is a harsh environment for a little iridescent star. But as they are hardy fish and can tolerate extreme conditions. But, you should provide a good healthy environment for better living. You can take a step from aquarium cleaning. Clear your Betta fish aquarium from excess algae and use a testing kit to check the water parameters. Your cleaning can also wipe away pathogens that mostly appear in poor conditions. If Betta gets sick because of any reason, you should separate it into an individual tank. Certain fish diseases are fin rot and ich. You can provide medications after diagnosis. Ensure you keep away from other fish to stop the disease from spreading. 

What To Remember About the Galaxy Betta Diet?

Galaxy koi Betta live in natural habitats such as ponds, streams, and lakes, where they find mosquito larvae, insects, and even tiny fishes. Due to these predating qualities, they love to eat a protein-rich food. We can say they are protein lovers. They are carnivores, and their owners should offer brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia according to their taste and need. Commercial food is another option. It has essential nutrients and vitamins that exactly your betta needs. Well, it’s a quick solution to feed koi betta but not the healthiest one. 

Galaxy Koi Betta Breeding

Galaxy koi Betta breeding is a difficult task, and you have to follow numerous rules. They can only mat in a perfect environment, and complexities can also occur. For breeding, you should frequently check the water parameters and cleaning. This means that you pay extra attention to get the best results. It would be best if you also kept a male and female betta in a separate tank to be ready for breeding. Providing a nutritious diet 3 to 4 times a day is also essential. These guidelines are important when preparing your Betta fish for breeding. 


If you are a beginner, make a separation to avoid compatibility. But an experienced one can easily handle them with good care. Galaxy koi bettas are getting rare on earth, and we can extend their life through good health care. It is only advisable to keep koi Betta if you have experience in betta fish keeping. This fish category is widely famous among fish lovers, but only buy when you are able to handle everything. Fish lovers can easily find them in local US fish stores, but to make the best selection, you can visit jvbettafishforsale.com. 

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