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Grab these LED lighting designs to let your decor stand out 


Gone are the days when incandescent or halogen lighting fixtures were the real deal to decorate your homes. LED lighting fixtures have become the preferred method of lighting across the globe, and they prove to be a really viable option under any circumstances. LED lighting designs have definitely become mainstream over the years, but according to the new trends, there is an increasing demand for decorative LED lighting fixtures in the design industry.

LED lighting designs have slowly crept back into the spotlight, and for all the right reasons. When it comes to the quality and brightness of LED lighting fixtures, they are simply unrivalled. Some people do continue to choose incandescent lights to create dramatic lighting or add a rustic touch to their decor, but there are many LED lighting fixtures out there that can recreate a similar look while being energy efficient at the same time.

Apart from their aesthetic advantages, LED lighting designs can heavily reduce your energy expenses and that alone makes them extremely favourable for your decor. Compared to incandescent lighting, LEDs use 75% less energy, and they also release lesser heat compared to any other counterpart in the segment. Another factor that makes LED lighting designs quite a good option is that they require very less maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about your LED lighting designs giving up on you and burning out really quickly. While their output will decrease over a period of time, LED lighting designs offer unmatched durability compared to other options. Now, if you’ve been looking forward to giving your home, then here are some designs that can completely transform your decor.

Go for LED ceiling lights for common spaces

Ceiling lights are extremely functional lighting fixtures that can not only accentuate the aesthetic value of your home but also lend optimum illumination to the space. Ceiling lights can be the perfect fit for your common or shared spaces, given their build. And pair it up with the functionality and efficiency of an LED panel, you’ll have the best lighting fixture at your disposal.

Ceiling lights, flush mounted, or semi-flush mounted, can effortlessly balance the lighting in your space and also set the tone of your decor. With LED ceiling lights, you can be sure that there won’t be any shadows in the space, and you can have uniform lighting throughout your space.

Setup the midlevel lighting with LED table lamps

One good thing about table lamps is that they are portable, and they can perfectly balance the lighting with the overhead lighting fixtures. LED table lamps are extremely efficient, and they can beautifully complement your decor with their functionality quotient.  Table lamps can set the low level and mid-level lighting in your space and can set the ambience right. Table lamps are very versatile, and they can match very well with your decor and other lighting designs too.

Other LED designs to go for

While your overhead lighting and midlevel lighting should be the key priority, you can focus on other parts of your space, like lighting up the corner or adding soft lighting to your space too. Lighting designs like LED floor lamps, LED pendant lights or LED wall lights can serve your purpose quite efficiently.

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