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Grow tent kits come in many sizes, but Mars Hydro’s grow tent has a small footprint (2×2 feet). You can also buy a 3×3-foot tent, or a 4×4-foot one. The larger tents are taller, reaching a height of 5 feet. This is a great choice if you’re growing a small amount of plants in a small space.

Easy to install

If you’re new to growing plants, you might want to consider investing in an easy to install grow tent kit. This will help you get accustomed to this new and exciting way of gardening. These kits are affordable and will save you time and money. Once you have the equipment, you’ll have plenty of time to start growing your plants.

The best way to choose an easy to install grow tent kit is to look for one that comes with the appropriate lighting. The light should be able to penetrate the soil evenly, and the tent should be able to control a range of temperatures. Choosing a grow tent that’s equipped with adequate lighting will help your plants grow at their best. In general, you’ll want to aim for 25 watts per square foot of growing space.


A durable grow tent kit can improve the productivity and quality of your indoor grow room. Indoor growers are constantly battling with humidity, temperature, and light intensity. They must also make sure that air circulation is optimal and that fresh air is regularly introduced to the growing area. New growers often find it difficult to keep these factors stable, but a grow tent will make the process easy and efficient.

Various manufacturers make grow tents with a variety of features. Gorilla grow tents, for example, are known for being incredibly durable. Their Heavy Duty line boasts the thickest frame and fabric. However, most growers don’t need this level of strength, so Gorilla offers a more affordable alternative called Covert, which uses premium inputs and features a waterproof exterior. Gorilla’s Shorty line is another impressive option. This line is a great choice for growers with height restrictions and space limitations. It’s standard height is under 5 feet, and it’s designed for height-challenged spaces.

Energy efficient

The energy-efficient grow tent is a great way to get the best light for your plants. This kit includes an LED grow light and a grow tent. The grow tent is perfect for a full-cycle grow cycle and can fit up to 12 small plants. The grow tent is large enough to move into the flower chamber as needed.

The grow tent kit includes an LED grow light that consumes only 100 watts, which is more energy efficient. The LED light is also full spectrum and is not dimmable. It is also less expensive than comparable models. A growing tent is an important tool for a beginner. The grow tent package comes with complete instructions on how to set up your lighting.


Some grow tent kits come with integrated lights and fans. These systems feature an intelligent controller that allows you to adjust the brightness and speed of the lights and fans. The fans control the climate of the tent and direct heat and humidity out of the tent. These grow tent kits are perfect for both beginners and seasoned growers.

If you are new to the growing process, grow tents can be quite confusing. Some tents come with a thermometer and hygrometer. They are perfect for starting with two or three plants in a flower chamber. Other grow tents have multiple chambers. These are great for propagation or clones.

Easy to maintain

Grow tent kits have several advantages. They can be adjusted to the stage of the plants’ life cycle, and they have a proper ventilation system that keeps the plants’ air fresh. They also have a 4-inch fan that keeps odors away. An included grow LED light can produce up to 300W of light for plants.

The Spider Farmer grow tent kit is an excellent option because it is easy to maintain. This is because it features special filters made from Australian charcoal, and it includes Samsung diode lights that are not susceptible to burnouts. The diode lights also produce a good amount of light, which is ideal for plants grown inside a closed compartment.

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