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Harnessing the Healing Power of Herbal Medicine


CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the compounds found in plants of the cannabis family. Cannabidiol offers a calming or soothing benefit to your nervous system. However, it does not produce a euphoric sense or a “high” as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can.

If you’re interested in harnessing the healing power of CBD, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s learn more about CBD and how it may help you sleep better, lessen pain, and offer many more benefits.

CBD Can Help You Sleep

CBD products enter the body in a variety of ways. If you struggle to fall asleep, you may gain the most significant benefit from a sublingual oil dose either on or under the tongue. This application enters the bloodstream rapidly and provides the quickest help.

For those who struggle to stay asleep, it may be necessary to use edibles. Unlike a sublingual oil dose, CBD edibles and capsules must be digested to be effective, which takes time. So, time things so that you can experience the benefits before bedtime.

Those who can neither fall nor stay asleep may need to stack their intake. This means you must use both an edible and a sublingual dose. Before you try stacking, start with just one. Keep a journal to help you understand how CBD and your body work react. Too much CBD can lead to digestive upset. So, use caution while introducing your body to CBD to help you sleep better.

CBD Can Help You Manage Pain

It takes a full dose of CBD to help you fall asleep quickly. You can use small amounts to manage your pain if you need to stay awake.

Small dosing, or micro-dosing, can be done in various ways. Most vaping pens require 25 puffs for a full dose if you’re comfortable vaping. If you struggle with nerve pain, try just two puffs. The CBD will enter your system almost immediately. Refer to your journal and track your dosage and your results.

You can also spread out the dosage of an edible by taking it in the middle of your biggest meal of the day. For example, you may struggle with afternoon back pain or headaches. A single CBD capsule during lunch may allow you to extend that dosage and avoid discomfort.

Finally, you can use CBD lotions and topicals to apply relief directly. If your joints hurt from arthritis, CBD lotion, and gentle massage may lower your discomfort. Try applying just a small amount of topical to see if it helps. Then, gradually add more until you experience less pain. Of course, follow the instructions so you don’t over-apply the lotion.

CBD Can Help You Focus

As noted above, CBD can have a calming effect on your mind so you can fall asleep. In small doses, CBD can help you:

  • Manage anxious thoughts
  • Order your mind when you feel stressed
  • Shed unhelpful worries so you can focus

Again, microdosing with a vaping pen may be the quickest way to stop those whirling thoughts and gain control. Another option is to use a CBD isolate in powder form or an edible oil. Instead of adding a total dosage, put just a few drops in a cup of tea. A CBD isolate is a great option when you’re feeling stressed. Drink it slowly and let your brain shed unnecessary thoughts.

Do Your Homework

There are many benefits to knowing how CBD acts on your body. A CBD journal can give you a healthy map of what does and doesn’t work. It is vital that you discuss your intention to use CBD with your doctor. CBD can interact badly with some medications, particularly blood pressure meds.

For those considering CBD, starting with small doses is a good idea. A large amount will make you sleepy and may cause diarrhea. Small quantities will allow you to note precisely how CBD works. You can gauge if it helps combat anxious thoughts, pain, or lack of focus.

One of the most incredible benefits of CBD is that you can’t build up a tolerance for it. You may value the results enough to make room for them in your daily activities. But your body can’t build up a craving. Over time, you can reduce your dosage and still get excellent results.


When using CBD, go with a reputable company. You must select a company that gets CBD that’s effective and has gone through all the necessary testing. With CBD, you can experience many benefits, from a decrease in anxiety to experiencing less pain. If you have yet to try CBD, what are you waiting for? This helpful part of the marijuana plan may solve your daily discomforts.

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