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HEDY hair is the right place to get the best human hair wig


Human hair is one of the most graceful and important parts of personality. They help you express your emotions, mood, and nature and bring out the best of your personality. A good hairdo, haircut, or hairstyle managed decently will make you look glamorous yet confined.

Hair is one of the good parts about anyone, especially women. And a woman, if having a good hair day will blast the whole day, but if she has started her day with messy hair, then nothing seems like working for the best. It is the mental state most women know about.

Now, those women who have gorgeous, long, and healthy hair naturally, are not too many, right? so, what to do about that when hair is a most important part of women’s lives? Don’t worry, in the modern era, nothing is impossible or to be worried about. Everything has a modern solution and for your hair problem, there is a “human hair wig” option that would do it just fine.

What is a human hair wig?

HEDY hair is the right place to get the best human hair wig

Wearing wigs is not just a need anymore. People don’t just wear wigs because they have less or no hair. Although these wigs are the best options for those too, who are struggling with hair loss diseases. but these wigs are more of a trend now. They symbolize modern fashion most stylishly.

Although wigs are available in both “synthetic” and “human hair” in the market, what exactly is a human hair wig and why is it the best for you? just like you predicted from the name, human hair wigs are made of natural, harvested human hair. This is why they look so real, blended, and beautiful. Since they are made of natural human hair, they can be worn all the time, for days or even weeks. They last longer than synthetic wigs, and you can even wear them while exercising or doing chores. There is no hard and fast rule about wearing a human hair wig. No need to keep them for special occasions, if you like, you can wear them all the time and even sleep with them, although it is not recommended.

Where does human hair come from?

Human hair wigs are the most realistic, they are super shiny, silky, and easy to style as well. you can just treat them like your own hair. You can cut them, color them, and even heat style them. If you handle them with care, they can last up to 3 years as well.

Human hair that is used to make human hair wigs are mostly Chinese, European, Indian, or Indonesian. But human hair wigs are mostly made with Asian hair. Because they are fine, shiny, and straight. But since they are so straight, they can be hard to curl. Indonesian hair is best for ethnic wigs and they also come in huge supplies. Indian hair has more texture and volume, so they are another best option. European hair is short in the market so European hair wigs might be hard to find, or even more expensive, but they are wanted because of the extremely fine quality.

How are human hair wigs made?

HEDY hair is the right place to get the best human hair wig1

As we mentioned earlier, human hair wigs are made of pure, natural, and originally donated human hair. But how are they exactly made? Here are the five simple steps that will make it easy for you to understand the making of human hair wigs:

Step 1:

Prepping the hair:

The first step is about prepping the hair that is donated. Each hair bundle is cleaned, disinfected, and combed to make a fine look. During all this, it is kept in mind that the hair is not damaged, yet cleaned and disinfected properly. In this stage, it is also decided whether the wig design will be straight, curled, or whatever so they are styled in this step as well.

Step 2:

Pattern making:

The wig needs to be fitted comfortably so the pattern is made in the second step and the foundation is molded to make the wig cap fit perfectly.

Step 3:


Then it comes to the layering of the foundation. A fine mesh silk net to match the wig color is sewn with cotton thread and silk ribbon to keep it all in one place.

Step 4:


And now it’s the hardest part. The extra hair is knotted with the wig manually, and there is about 30,000-40,000 knotting, and if you don’t know how long it takes, we will tell you. it takes almost 40 hours to do this step and this is one of the biggest reasons why human hair wigs are the most expensive.

Step 5:


Now the wig is attached to the soft block at the end, to be styled after dampening, combing, and drying. Whatever the style that wig was designed for.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing a human hair wig:

When it comes to buying a human hair wig, just like everything else, human hair wigs have their upsides and downsides as well. let’s take a look at both:



They look realistic, natural, and gorgeous. This is the main reason why people prefer it even if it is costly. They are made of 100% virgin human hair and are processed through various steps to get rid of impurities and a fine look at the end.

Last longer:

Indeed, they require proper maintenance just like your hair because they are just like your hair. So, with proper care and maintenance, your wig can last longer than 1 year even if you plan to wear it most of the time.

Wear them anytime:

You can wear a human hair wig all the time. Since they look so realistic, they are designed to be worn comfortably all the time. You can wear it for days or weeks as well.


Price hike:

The biggest downside to the product is its price. Human hair wigs can be too expensive for you if you are on a budget. But they are worth investing in. And for the good part here, Hedy Hair also gives discounted rates on their beautiful human hair wigs, to make it easy for their clients. In addition, they also offer the recently very popular 4C Edges wigs.

Extra care:

As they are just like your natural hair, they need to be protected like your natural hair too. You need to take care of the environment, keep it clean, dry, and safely and properly.


Now you must know how beneficial is it to make a one-time investment in a human hair wig if you are into pretty yet effortless hair. To find the best human hair wig, no place is better than Hedy hair, and you will only know after trying it for yourself. Happy shopping .

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