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Here Are Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator


Choosing and buying a good generator may sound easy. But there are many factors to keep in your mind, including how long you should run it. In addition to that, you will also need to consider other factors. Some of these are:

1. Power Output

Among the key factors you shouldn’t overlook is what you plan to use it for. A portable generable can be a good option if you run many electronics and appliances or require power to keep your lights on. This is true if you’re planning to use your generator in different locations.

Backup and used generators for sale can also power the entire business property or household. A home generator will enable you to live life normally no matter how long electricity goes out. And if you run a business, you will have nothing to worry about shutting its operations down.

2. Maintenance Plan

On a job site, unexpected downtime will never be an option fuel storage tanks. A solid and ongoing maintenance plan for generators is the key to preventing downtime.

At a regular service interval, you will require a good generator service provider to monitor fuel storage fittings and monitor engine cooling/filtration systems or radiator airflow.

For convenience purposes, you need to opt for suppliers who don’t just rent and sell but also hire certified and trained technicians to execute and plan solid maintenance.

3. Size

Inrush currents are one of the important things to look at when sizing generators. These currents are often associated with starting transformers and electric motors. But inrush currents for high-efficiency motors can double this amount.

Because of that, it is becoming a common practice to make transformers and motors start kVA requirements to evaluate the size of generators. This method usually leads to an oversized generator for a motor running load.

In addition, it disregards other aspects that play an important role when it comes to sizing a generator. An example of this is the harmonics that sequential starting of motors and variable frequency drives cause.

4. Fuel Storage

Especially a natural gas generator doesn’t have to store fuel. This is because it is normally connected to a gas pipeline. A generator can function and run whenever needed if there is no interruption with the utility service.

A diesel generator also requires a tank attached to the unit’s base. If it has a small tank, it must be refueled frequently to ascertain continuous power.

This, in turn, leads to the need to store additional fuel reserves or secure steady delivery of fuel, even in the case of emergencies.

5. Price

Like everything sold online, the cost of a generator differs from one seller to another. You must get what you can afford. But this doesn’t mean you go for something cheaper.

Generators are long-term investments. And going for a cheaper one can cost much more because of the complications you face.

Final Thoughts!

Buying a generator doesn’t have to be complicated, whether you are buying for your business or home. Considering factors like storage, price, size, power output, and maintenance plan will ensure you make the right choice, depending on your needs.

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