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Here You Can Get Wholesale Shapewear With Great Price


Shapewear is a type of garment that can help tighten targeted areas to make the wearer look slimmer and feel fabulous. It gives women the confidence to wear their favorite clothes without feeling self-conscious and at the same time offer support. This very popular undergarment will create a thinner looking silhouette if worn properly.

Here You Can Get Wholesale Shapewear With Great Price

Shapewear used to get a bad reputation for being too tight, suffocating and uncomfortable to wear. Today, shapewear is specially designed using the latest manufacturing technology to fit better and is more comfortable. They are made in a variety of designs and styles so that you can choose which areas you want to specifically target such as the tummy, butt or waist. For example, wholesale waist trainers are ideal for those who want an all-over smoothing underneath their clothes. If you want to get rid of the tummy bulges, waist trainers are what you need.

You can look fit and confident with the correct shapewear that will hug the curves in all the right places. Celebrities have been endorsing shapewear on the red carpet which makes them a popular sought-after item.

If you are looking for some shapewear to add to your lingerie wardrobe, well look no further than Waistdear, one of the leading wholesale shapewear suppliers that offers a wide selection of shapewear and waist trainers at wholesale prices.  Its collection is aim to make women embrace their curves and look confident. Made from quality material, Waistdear collection is stylish, comfortable and is a great demand across the globe.

Or if you are planning to embark on the lucrative shapewear business and are looking for wholesale shapewear manufacturer, Waistdear is the website you should check out.

Wholesale Shapewear From Waistdear

So, are you ready to jump on the shapewear bandwagon?  Let’s check out the wholesale shapewear at the best prices from Waistdear.

If you want a slimmer hip, buttock and thighs, a pair of high waist body shaper buttock lifter will do the job. This tummy trimmer hip enhancer piece can be used as a butt lifter and thigh slimmer. It has double layered fabric on the tummy area and high waist to flatten the tummy. This item has 2cm elastic waistband that offer comfort and also steel bones on both sides to prevent rolling down.  Its butt lifting design can tighten the buttock and give them a boost.  The mid length design also helps to slim the thighs and prevent chaffing.

A shapewear like this seamless bodysuit is great for showing off a svelte figure. Made of firm compression material with breathable front mesh fabric, it sculpts the entire torso. This high-coverage design streamlines curves and features a butt-lifting effect. This piece also has a large U back design that is suitable for wearing low back or backless wedding dresses or evening dresses. The hook and eye closure at the bottom allows easy bathroom convenience.

An adjustable waist clincher is a popular choice for those who work out. Wearing the wholesale waist trainer during exercise can help to stimulate thermal activity in the core and increases perspiration as well as training posture. Featuring a Velcro belt for easy adjustment and zipper closure to strengthen the abdomen, its streamlined design makes it a great option for daily wear as well.

The panty shaper thong is a staple piece that is very versatile and can be worn under skirts, trousers and dresses. It is great for every day wear to keep the figure looking smooth and sleek.  This underwear has a double layer fabric on the belly to offer strong tummy control and shaping effect.

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