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Hi88 bookie review – The leading game portal in Vietnam


The online betting industry is becoming more and more popular on the Internet nowadays. That is the reason for hundreds of bookies to be created to satisfy the essential needs of all players. Today, we will introduce to you the Hi88 casion – a reputable bookmaker in Vietnam with a lot of attractive entertainment game genres.

Review of Hi88 bookie – the leading online casino in Vietnam

About Hi88

Hi88 is an online bookmaker that has been established in Costa Rica and is licensed by the state of this country to operate legally in the betting industry. Besides, Hi88 is also rated by GEOTRUST as one of the top safest bookmakers.

By all of the above information and a safe security system, the Hi88 bookie has quickly received a large number of players worldwide, especially in Vietnam. The games at Hi88 contains their own charmness and uniqueness.

The outstanding advantages of Hi88

As one of the leading bookmakers, Hi88 has thousands of visitors every day. To achieve that,  we must thank to the following outstanding advantages:

  • The website interface is designed in a simple manner but still eye-catching: minimalism, lightness and clean. Besides, the bookie has a systematic layout to create scientific, reasonable game halls for all players to understand. In addition, the 3D pictures and realistic sounds have created the most exciting and classy experiences.
  • Bringing the feeling of an international casino: Hi88 fully meets all the criteria of a a world-class casino becaue all card games are dealt by professional and beautiful dealers in a fair and transparent atmosphere.
  • Diversified betting types: This is the most profitable point of the Hi88 bookmaker. Players can freely choose different types of entertainment such as sports bet, live casino games, horse racing bet, shooting fish games, Esports bet, all depending on personal interests as well as personal passions of each player.
  • The fast deposit – withdrawal process is: All deposit and withdrawal operations at this bookmaker are done quickly, safely and extremely accurate. We are also accepting many online payment methods to make it easier for players in transactions.
  • Many great promotional programs such as: Special promotions for new players, promotions to a longtime customer and so on. Besides, there are many attractive incentives and discounts at the sports betting lobby for all valuable sports enthusiasts.
  • Professional consultants that work 24/7: Any problems from players such as the withdrawal – deposit process, account login / registration can be processed immediately through our support channels. Players can contact us through some channels such as: Live Chat Channel, Email, Zalo, Hotline number.

Hi88 hot promotions for new players

The disadvantages of Hi88 that are being improved

Besides the outstanding advantages, Hi88 still has some shortcomings that need to be overcome to better the service quality such as:

  • Interrupted access: At many moments of time, the access link to the Hi88 website can be blocked by Internet providers or the unstability of transmission which will affect the betting experience of players.
  • Many bookmakers are blocked in the Vietnamese market: Currently, many network operators have blocked the access to many bookmakers in order to protect their users. However, you can be confident because Hi88 always has a lot of backup links for players to access.
  • Hi88 fake websites: Because Hi88 bookie has attracted a lot of players, there are many fake websites have been created to illegal profit from players. So, they should be discerning and vigilant and try to access the correct Hi88 official link to prevent losing money.

Quick and simple guide to registering an account

Here, Hi88 will give you the fastest way to register an account:

  • Step 1: Visit the official link of the bookie and then click on the “Register” button at the right side of the screen.
  • Step 2: The account registration form will appear for you to fill in the information. Once you have entered all the information, please click on the button to accept all the terms of the bookie.
  • Step 3: Check all the information one last time and click on the “Register” button. The process is successful or not will be notified immediately by the system.

The easiest way to register a Hi88 account for newbies

>>> Link to register at Hi88 – get 50k immediately without deposit: https://hi88bets.com/

Above are the fairest and most realistic reviews of the Hi88 bookie. Hopefully the above information has helped you in understanding this reputable bookmaker as well as how to make your bet in here. Please visit Hi88 home page to experience the great online games.

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