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Home Winterizing : Get Your House Ready And Cozy For Winter 


As the temperature outside begins to drop, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your home. But what exactly needs to be done? Here’s a quick guide:

  1.  Start with the basics: Your windows and doors are key places where heat can escape from your home, so make sure they’re well-sealed. Caulk and weatherstripping are your friends here. 
  2. Protect your pipes: When water freezes, it expands – and that can cause serious damage to your plumbing. To avoid frozen (and potentially burst) pipes, insulate them with foam pipe insulation or electric heating tape. You might also consider letting a trickle of water drip from faucets during cold snaps. If you have an outdoor water faucet, be sure to disconnect the hose and drain any water from it before freezing temperatures hit . Also, insulate any exposed pipes so they don’t freeze and burst .
  3. Keep gutters clean: Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, which can in turn cause water to back up and leak into your home through the roof. So before winter sets in, clear out any leaves or debris from your gutters so they can do their job properly. Also, open cabinet doors underneath sinks so warm air can circulate around the pipes .
  4. Bring outdoor furniture inside: If you have patio furniture or other items that need to be stored for the winter, bring them inside before the first snowfall hits. This will help prolong their life and prevent them from being damaged by harsh weather conditions.
  5. Be prepared for power outages: Winter storms can sometimes cause power outages – so it’s always a good idea to have some supplies on hand just in case (think flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food).
  6. Weatherproof windows and doors: If you have single-pane windows, consider adding storm windows or you can have double glazing windows Bristol installed. If you already have storm windows, make sure they’re in good condition and properly installed. Caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows can also help prevent drafts. 
  7. Servicing necessary appliances: Appliances that are a must for your family in winter  like Hot Water Taps, portable room heaters etc. should be serviced before winter. 
  8. Proper insulation: Insulate your walls, floors, and attic. This will help keep heat from escaping from your home. Adding insulation to your walls is especially important if you live in an older home with little or no insulation.
  9. Look for small cracks: There are all places where heat can escape from your home. Check your windows and doors to make sure they are properly sealed. If you can feel a draft coming in, add some weatherstripping or caulk to fill any gaps.
  10. Inspect your fireplace and chimney: Make sure there is no debris blocking the flu and that the firebox is clean.Also, check for cracks in the mortar and have them repaired if necessary. Service your furnace and have it professionally cleaned if needed. This will help ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently all winter long.

Once you’ve taken care of the big things, there are a few smaller steps you can take to further winterize your home. For example, seal up any cracks or gaps around electrical outlets on exterior walls; caulk around baseboards; and install weatherstripping on doors and window sills. Now you are ready for a cozy winter!

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