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How and where to store bags and backpacks


Are you struggling to store your goodies like bags, backpacks and handbags? And seeking new and exciting ideas to store and cleanly organize your luggage, then this blog is for you. Today, we explain to you many ways to keep your bags.

I know all girls love are “bags, handbags and backpacks” they love to buy new bags even when the closet is already full of trendy bags. We always need a right and cute backpack for educational purposes, a fancy clutch for festive occasions, a nice tote bag for shopping, a cool hand or shoulder bag for coffee dates. A perfect basket bag for beach or picnic and sling bag when you just go for a walk. After all, there is no such thing as too many bags.

You could use tips to store your bags that I will share with you. Are these tips costly?

No, not that much you will require only a few dollars and your brain to do hacks!

First of all, let me clarify that I will include tips for

  • Backpack
  • Handbags

Backpack storage ideas

Store your backpacks in the mudroom

Most Americans have a mudroom in their houses to store bags and luggage. So if you have a mudroom, then well and good you can use the mudroom to store all your backpacks. And it’s indispensable to have a mudroom in the house. Owning a mudroom gives you much relief for keeping your home clean and organized.

Keep smaller backpacks in a giant pack.

If you own such backpacks that you don’t use often, you can take a larger bag and put those into it. It’s an instant trick to store bags.

Use ready-made storage valet for backpacks.

Ready-made organizers are best for storing bags or backpacks; these organizers have two levels of double hooks and two racks, so you can easily place many packs on this organizer.

Use storage bins and baskets.

Buy two or three baskets and store backpacks in them. Use different baskets for different types of bags.

Store your backpack in the closet

Set your closet in a way that, in the end, you will get a portion empty; place your backpacks on the open side of your wardrobe.

Handbags, purses, shoulder bag storage ideas

Use a ready-made hanging organizer for bags.

Ready-made hanging organizers are space savers and best for storing handbags. In these organizers, your handbags will stay safe and dirt-free. You can easily pick the bag you require and place it back whenever needed.

Buy some pretty wall hooks.

Hooks are very convenient for hooking handbags or purses, Buy different hooks and fix them wherever you want. You can find beautiful hooks on Amazon. In my opinion, hooks are the best and most handy way to store bags.

Use wall shelves

Another tip for organizing handbags effectively, you may have shelves in your room, use them and place your bags there. And pick any bag, any time in front of you, it’s easy and fast!

Store in a simple cupboard

As I said earlier, you can use a simple cupboard to store any backpack. Just like we did in storing backpacks, you could use a cupboard to store handbags to use space efficiently.

Over the door hook hanger

Many people use door hookers for hooking their handbags, and I think it’s a convenient place to hook bags with the door hookers.

Final verdict

Today we shared many tips and hacks with you regarding to “how to store backpacks and bags?” and we try our best to explain all stuff, we hope these all will be very helpful to you. Please stick with us for more informative blogs.

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