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​​How does a Leased Line Connection Outperform Broadband Connection?


Suppose you have set up 2 businesses in Bangalore, and for one of the businesses, you have selected a broadband connection that is advertised as the ‘best broadband connection in Bangalore’  while for the other business, you have opted for a leased line connection. After a few days of using both connections, you will find that the leased line connection is better than a broadband connection. Here’s why? 

A leased line is an internet connection, dedicated in nature, that offers direct connectivity on the network between several endpoints. Unlike business broadband, a leased line network is not shared by various 3rd party users in the locality and, thus, provides high connectivity as well as strong bandwidth. 

Benefits of leased lines over a business broadband connection

Symmetrical speed

Broadband connection tends to optimize download speed while negatively impacting the upload speed. However, in the case of leased lines, it offers a symmetrical speed for uploads and downloads. 

Dedicated network 

Various users generally share a broadband connection in the vicinity. But a leased line connection provides a dedicated and private connection, which is not locally shared. This specific feature prevents the network from random fluctuations during peak times. 

Maximum speed

Business broadband speed cannot match up with speed offered by the leased line network. A leased line can have a speed of up to 10 GBPS, while the highest speed of broadband connection is often lower than this. Per the current speed test index report by Ookla, India’s mean fixed broadband speed is around 35.98 MBPS. 


Leased lines are more reliable than business broadband networks. It is because leased lines can quickly check and review different internet performance parameters, whether it be a jitter or latency. 

SLAs or service level agreement

The leased line providers provide a service-level agreement. This agreement mentions the minimum performance level which the leased line may expect. Also, it enlightens you about the type of compensation you may get if you ever witness the leased line failure. On the contrary, broadband connections do not provide you with any such agreements. 

Bandwidth range

Leased lines have a higher extended range as compared to business broadband. It is a significant benefit for big corporations and businesses where thousands of employees and staff members are using the same leased line for different IT activities. 

Use of fiber

Broadband networks use outdated copper wire technology. But almost all leased connections use fiber optic technology, which makes internet connection more reliable and faster. 

Permanent IP addresses

Leased lines permit organizations and businesses to have their permanent IP addresses, which results in a more dedicated and reliable connection. Thus, opting for an internet leased line is a better decision when running your business and keeping all work confidential. 

Assured speed

A leased line always offers speed as assured. If you opt for the plan that ensures 2 GBPS, you will receive 2 GBPS. But broadband connections may fail to deliver the speed they guarantee to provide. 

Virtual private network

Employees of organizations or corporations spread throughout different branches can get their dedicated virtual private network through leased lines. A virtual private network on a leased line is more effective than a business broadband connection. 

Quality of service

The leased line offers better service quality than broadband. Better service quality smoothens your experience with convergent services such as video or voice. 

Connections to several sites

While business broadband connects a single site to an internet service provider’s network, leased lines connect with multiple websites to form a WAN (wide area network). This is useful for your business if you have multiple branches situated in distinct sites. 

Low jitter and latency

Compared to a broadband connection, leased lines have minimal or zero delays in data transmission. It makes the activities like video calling and conferencing simpler and smoother. 


A leased line usually comes with unlimited plans wherein your business can use services like voice-over IP, video calling, conferencing, surveillance, etc., using the same plan. However, in the case of business broadband, the expense would increase with every added service.

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