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How Does A Tube Laser Cutting Machine Work?


Tube laser cutting machines are capable of producing precise, clean and smooth cuts in tubes. These machines have redefined precision cutting of metal pipes and tubes of all geometries, allowing for a high level of accuracy and efficiency in the production process. But how do these machines actually work? Here is a look at the inner workings of tube laser cutting machines:

Cutting Process

The cutting process within the laser tube cutting machine begins with the tube being inserted into a feeder system. This feeder system then holds and delivers the tube to the cutting head, which is comprised of a gas nozzle, a laser beam generator and a cutting head lens.

The laser beam generated is then directed through the nozzle and lens, resulting in a very concentrated and high powered laser beam striking the surface of the metal tube. The laser beam then evaporates the metal material, cutting away the metal with the passing of the beam.

Advantages of Automation

When compared to traditional methods of cutting metal tubes, laser tube cutting offers superior results with a level of accuracy and complexity only achievable through automation. Additionally, some new models of laser tube cutters are capable of working round the clock unassisted, allowing for a very streamlined production process.

Not only are tube laser cutting machines incredibly accurate, but the speed of their cutting process is also faster in comparison to traditional metal cutting methods. Because of this speed and accuracy, manufacturers are able to get more cutting done in less time, resulting in a considerable cost savings.


The advantages of using a laser tube cutting machine speak for themselves: cost savings, speed, accuracy and automation. All of these factors create a significant benefit for manufacturers and have led to laser tube cutting machines becoming an essential tool in the production of metal tubes.

How is the tube laser different from a standard laser cutting machine?

Tube lasers are designed to cut hollow cylindrical objects such as pipes, tubes, and other tubular materials. Standard laser cutting machines are designed to cut two-dimensional plate materials such as steel, aluminum, and other flat materials. Tube lasers use two different laser beams which are precisely aligned to ensure accurate cutting along the length of the tube. They also feature separate loading and unloading systems, which make them ideal for applications requiring continuous production or high production speed. Additionally, tube lasers are more energy efficient than standard laser cutting machines, since the energy output is focused on a smaller area.

A tube laser cutting machine is a device that uses laser energy to cut through metal tubing. The machine works by directing a high-powered laser beam at the metal tubing. As the laser beam comes into contact with the metal, it heats up the metal and causes it to melt. The machine then moves the laser beam along the length of the tubing, cutting through it as it goes.

Tube laser cutting machines are used in a variety of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. They are commonly used to cut tubing for car exhaust systems, scaffolding, and metal pipes.

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