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How Long Do Skateboards Last?


Skateboards come in various types and shapes. Some are made of plastic or fiberglass while others are made of a combination of plastic and glass. There are different types of skateboards, and each one has different lifespans. Keeping an eye on the lifespan of your skateboard will ensure it lasts for as long as you need it to. If you use your skateboard for professional tricks, you may need to replace it every two to three months. Quiet riders may only need to replace their boards every four to six months. However, longboards can last a few years if you don’t perform tricks on them and simply ride them on flat surfaces.

How long do skateboard decks last?

The answer to the question “how long do skateboard decks last?” depends on the amount of use they get. Professional skateboarders should replace their decks every two to three months, while a casual cruiser may need a new board once or twice a year. A longboard will last for years if you use it for general cruising and not for tricks. But if you regularly use your board for vets, you’ll want to replace it at least once every six to twelve months.

Street decks can last anywhere from two weeks to six months. But if you ride your skateboard hard and abuse it, they can wear out much quicker. Street tricks are the main cause of skateboard deck wear and tear. Sponsored skaters can literally go through one in days. Obligatory allies, board slides, and riding off stairs and curbs cause the wood to decay. Whether or not you do tricks regularly, the deck must be replaced to maintain quality.

Skateboarding is an activity that can cause severe injuries. Most skateboard injuries involve the shin, Achilles tendon, or ankle. The skateboard deck is the most expensive component of a skateboard, so it’s crucial to get a good quality one. Skateboarding can also ruin a skateboard’s quality, so try not to let water touch it! It could damage the bearings, deteriorate the deck, and eventually lead to its replacement.

How long do skateboard bearings last?

You’ve probably asked yourself, “How long do skateboard bearings last?” Maybe you’ve even bought a new board, but haven’t replaced the bearings. While you can expect steel bearings to last longer than ceramic, you can still extend the life of your skateboard’s bearings by using Bionic Bearing Oil. This product will protect your board’s bearings from damage, and it’s effective on all brands of skateboards.

First of all, make sure to skate on dry surfaces and avoid skating in wet conditions. Water can cause oxidation and corrosion in your skateboard bearings. Dust and dirt can also get into the bearings and stick to them, causing them to wear out faster. This is bad news for bearing balls because they don’t like dirt and can cause stress on the inner rings. It’s essential to avoid skating in wet conditions, so you’ll want to avoid skateboarding in the rain.

Another factor that can affect the life of your electric longboard bearings is how well they’re maintained. While ceramic bearings may be better for high-performance skateboarding, they’re not necessary for regular skateboarders. Bones and Bronson Speed Co are two brands that are known for their durable and high-quality steel bearings. If you’re a casual skateboarder, Bronson Speed Coo’s Bones Swiss bearings will give you years of reliable skating.

How long do skateboard trucks last?

The question “How long do skateboard trucks last?” is often one that stumps many beginners and experienced skaters alike. While it can be tempting to simply purchase a brand-new truck, there is a good reason to wait several years before replacing them. Choosing a new set of skateboard trucks is a big investment and will end up costing you more than just $50. Even if they don’t look bad, they’ll have to be replaced in the future.

Skateboard trucks are made from two main components – the hanger and the axle. These are connected by a bolt and determine the distance between the wheels and the deck. Different wheel sizes and shapes require different trucks. A board with a narrower truck will require more effort to turn and is less stable than one with a wider hanger. However, trucks with a narrower axle will last longer but have a lower pop-off.


Skateboard trucks are crucial for transportation and mobility. A poorly made skateboard truck will wear down much faster than a high-quality model. It is important to check all parts and gauge wear before purchasing a new set. Make sure to check the weight of the skateboard when you purchase a new set, because a cheap skateboard will destroy its truck sooner than you’d like. Also, be sure to check how much your trucks weigh – rougher riding will shorten the life of your skateboard trucks.

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