How Many More Car Accidents Happened in Colorado When Marijuana Was Legalized

As a result, the number of fatal car accidents involving drivers who tested positive for marijuana has increased dramatically since the state legalized the drug. Compared to 2013, when the drug was still illegal, fatal car accidents with drivers who tested positive increased by more than 40 percent. But, the number of positive tests for marijuana jumped more than fourfold in the same period. That means that more drivers are now driving impaired by marijuana, and the danger of drugged driving is still present. You can take legal advice from Boulder Car Accident Lawyer.

This difference may be due to the disparity between marijuana laws in Colorado and other states. People who do not live in counties that have legalized marijuana may drive to areas where the drug is legal, increasing the number of collisions. However, this doesn’t mean that drivers who use marijuana have a greater risk of accidents per mile traveled. The study also focuses on marijuana consumers in other states. Those studies don’t address the effect of legalization in the same way that legalized marijuana has on traffic accidents.

While Colorado state crash data acknowledges that marijuana use has increased the number of traffic accidents, the organization based in Denver says this may be because of lessons learned in other states. Still, the study authors note that the impact of legalized marijuana on car accidents is not clear, and it is too early to draw conclusions. Nevertheless, legalization may have contributed to minor accidents, which is a concern. The study authors point out that the study’s findings could be wrong based on the fact that Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana.

Despite the lack of evidence, the state’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) continues to fight for the use of marijuana while driving. In fact, marijuana-impaired drivers were responsible for nearly 13.5 percent of fatal car crashes in 2018. This is a staggering number of accidents and deaths. The CDOT is also trying to educate Coloradans on the dangers of marijuana while driving. So, why should they be so worried?

As the study reveals, people who were injured in a car accident caused by a marijuana-impaired driver should seek legal representation immediately. Attorney Mack Babcock offers a free consultation to discuss your case. The lawyer can also help you obtain workers’ compensation if you’re denied benefits based on the drug. He has decades of experience in Colorado auto accident cases. You’ll need a knowledgeable attorney to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Currently, only blood tests are used to determine if a driver is under the influence of marijuana. And it can be difficult to prove the other driver was impaired, as THC stays in the blood for up to four days. Luckily, experienced attorneys know how to build a compelling marijuana case that can win you compensation. Even when the other driver is unimpaired, the accident can still be fatal. Therefore, the state is working to make the law more favorable for injured drivers.

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