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How schools in Dubai are adopting Technological Innovations in education?


Technological innovations have opened up a wide space for improvement in the educational landscape. New ideas and the latest tech models are the two main pillars behind the ditching of traditional text-based learning and accepting practical methods. 

We can say that education has become tech-oriented and directly influences the learning system throughout the world. However, technological adaptation is based on various factors such as socioeconomic, cultural background, practices, understanding the importance of learning, and availability of technological changes. And, Indian schools in Dubai are thriving to make a change, considering all the aspects.

The CBSE curriculum has opened doors for the higher demand of Indian schools in Dubai. The curriculum promotes lifelong values and a high-end ethos for the learners. Furthermore, Dubai has immense opportunities for Indian students, and being a part of such a school would leave a scope of higher anticipation.

A comprehensive grasp of technological advancement and appropriate educational tools have made the entire process stress-free. And, teachers can focus more on the holistic development of every student. 

Let’s get to know how Indian schools in Dubai and others are inducing technology into education:

Cloud Computing

The vast accessibility to storing and withdrawing information through cloud technology has rendered a high-tech educational facility to students. Amid the pandemic, schools mostly remained closed. But, students were granted access to applications that can be operated through any device owing to remote cloud servers. Thus, coursework could be easily delivered to students. This facility has also helped the teachers to go through the homework and successfully conduct examinations without much hassle.

Customized Learning

The traditional process of reading and writing in class has become obsolete. With the introduction of new career fields, practical experience has earned the highest value. Indian schools in Dubai are modifying their approach to accept custom learning that would fit each and every student. Mostly the mobile-based applications have helped to deliver customized learning.

The interface has initiated the introduction of modern learning methodologies in IB schools. Mostly custom learning prioritizes preferences and availability.

Speech to Text Options

With virtual assistant applications, learning has become more accessible and more fun. Smart assistants like Apple’s Siri, respond to voice commands making it text-free learning. Most devices come with inbuilt virtual assistance, which makes it easier to communicate. You do not need to spend time and type your commands. These devices take note of everything. Thus, saving immense time, which can be utilized to learn new skill,ls and lessons. This technology also helps students write down every day’s coursework at their own pace without any hurry.

 Virtual and Augmented Learning

Virtual Reality is a significant change in the education system. As the learning institutions have shifted towards online education from offline, augmented reality is becoming their big support. Indian schools in Dubai use augmented reality tools to make learning as smooth as butter.

Let’s take an example – If the class is about learning the elements in our universe, then using VR headgear, a student gets to learn through 3D videos. This technology comes along with a background voice that explains the minute details. Further, even sitting at home, a child can clearly understand chemical reactions conducted in a chemistry laboratory.

It is a well-known fact that learning a lesson, using our visual and auditory senses, leaves a long-lasting impact on the learner. Further, real-time broadcasting can help to comprehend practical lessons as well.

Learning Analytics

When the curriculum is being covered through online mode, parents fear that the students might not be able to keep pace with the teaching or sort the queries. But, Indian schools in Dubai are adapting analytical learning techniques to access and evaluate a child’s learning engagement. This is also an essential factor in making a decision design. 

Further, learning analytics also helps to keep track of deadlines and the learning processes. Moreover, it helps the teachers to fill the gaps and make the learning process more exciting and engaging. This ensures that all the students get a boost in their learning experience.

Using 3D Prints

Have you heard about prototyping? It is a part of 3D printing. When schools are closed and students fail to gain physical experience, this technology comes into play. Institutions are urging parents to get hold of a 3D printer so that they can endow shape to their child’s imaginations. Thus, the students can have a basic idea about the shape and have hands-on experience to create more creative stuff.


The UAE government has started with a 2030 plan that involves raising the standards of education. The involvement of new technologies has helped teachers and students of different cultural backgrounds to connect easily by eradicating the language barrier. The only difference that varies from one school to another is how they implement these technologies. 

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