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How Shoes Affect Your Health and Active Lifestyle


Shoes can negatively or positively impact your health. Before buying yourself a pair of shoes, as a runner, consider your foot size and shape. Also, when looking for perfect-fit shoes, you will need to look at features like cushioning, good fitting, Arch support, midsole and outsoles to help maintain traction.

Poor footwear Contributes to major foot injuries that come in the form of bunions, ingrowth nails, plantar fasciitis, corns, Achilles tendon pain, shin pain or postural issues like back pains and spinal alignment problems. Choosing the right and, most importantly, a fitting set of shoes is highly advised.

Importance of wearing quality and fitting shoes for runners

You can only work out comfortably if you encounter no pain, especially on your feet which carry all your body weight. Keeping your lifestyle active is not that difficult with the right shoes, especially through workouts. Capitalise on footwear to reach your goal.

Prevents numbness

When running, any kind of discomfort will slow you down. Numb feet can be prevented by wearing fit or a bit bigger shoes. When purchasing a pair, ensure they fit perfectly enough to leave a breathing allowance for your feet and toes.

Prevents back pain

Despite running being a great exercise, it can also be dangerous if caution is not well taken. Invest in shoes that are made for forwarding movement and can absorb shock.

Reduces falls

Generic sneakers reduce falling, unlike other shoes. It is highly advised to wear shoes fitted with well-tied laces to avoid falling, therefore; reducing injuries when doing exercise like running.

Enhance healing from foot hardship

Your feet need the best protection possible. With quality shoes, you experience comfortability that, in return, soothes your feet and keeps them in the best condition. For example, well-built shoes can absorb sweat, reducing soak that can lead to fungal diseases, and you get to heal from corns.

Signs you are wearing your shoes wrongly

Picking a shoe out of style instead of its purpose and comfort is dangerous since it can lead to health risks that will utterly change your lifestyle.
The signs include;

  • Tightness. This can be in the form of the width or length of the shoes. It indicates whether your pair of shoes is tight, fitting or too big. When acquiring a pair of running shoes, try fitting and moving around the store to ensure they can accommodate your feet throughout the workout process.
  • Change in walking style. If you or your friends and family notice you are walking differently while wearing shoes and when barefoot, then your shoes are the cause. This is because they are exacting pressure on your spine, which will cost you a fortune in the near future .
  • Cramped and crunched toes. Shoes are meant for comfortability; your toes should fit perfectly in the shoes. If you notice your toes are cramping, it is an indication your pair of shoes is small or there is inadequate space for your toes to move freely. Your shoes are narrow!
  • Blisters and bruises. There are mostly caused by small-fitting shoes, particularly when exercising, For example, when your feet experience pressure and friction when running. If the shoe is too small, go for available shoe-stretching options that will foster you to keep your favourite pair of running shoes.
  • Aching arches. It is caused by shoes that either do not fit well or are too big. It is highly advised when acquiring shoes to go for a pair that will fully support your arches to avoid unwanted pain.


An active lifestyle is a lifetime investment that will pay off in the long run. Exercising and working out regularly can help runners lower their chances of suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. Also, it contributes to controlling sugar levels and blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Running helps your joints move freely and will reduce pain in case you have arthritis. During workouts, ensure your pair of shoes is of quality and fit well to enable you to reach your ultimate goal: fitness.

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