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How to Apply for a PRINCE2® Certification?


The rising capability and needs of enterprises around the world have compelled the development of better techniques and practices to meet them. PRINCE2 or Projects in Controlled Environments is a process technique for project management. Also, it’s a certification that enables them to gain the basic skills to become successful project managers.

It has worldwide recognition as it can be scalable and it can cater to the needs of different types of projects executed by a company. It is a tried and tested technique across various companies in the private and public sectors.

Why Should One Choose PRINCE2® Certification over Others?

More than 1 million PRINCE2 professionals are working around the world. It’s among the most practised techniques for project management. Skills learned from it enable the professionals to handle and manage a project in a better way. At the same time, major companies consider it essential to have a  PRINCE2® certification for filling up the role of a project manager, so it helps for career development.  The certification follows the PRINCE2 technique that involves a common controlled approach with organised steps of the process and daily reviews for benefits to the project.

Some important benefits of selecting PRINCE2 are-

  1. Convenient– A major benefit of choosing PRINCE2 certification is that it offers a convenient and flexible approach. It can be applied to execute any type of project with any size, scale, location or industry. Along with that, it can be complemented with other techniques as per need.
  2. Commonality– Since, PRINCE2 has been used in the injury for several years, it is a globally recognized approach. That means professionals around the world are acquainted with the term and its framework that makes the work easy.
  3. Tackle challenges– PRINCE2 professionals are skilled to deal with risks and challenges at various stages of project management. PRINCE2 has a clear approach for assessing risk and teams to prevent expensive failures by predicting and timely resolving them.
  4. Autonomy– PRINCE2 projects are streamlined and treated as a series of layers. For this reason, managers get autonomy at different layers and they only get help when they face any problem or challenge.
  5. Clarity– PRINCE2 defines the roles and responsibilities clearly. So, even employers know what their position is and what work is expected from them. At the same time, it makes accountability and problem-fixing easier leaving no gap for miscommunication.

The PRINCE2 Qualifications

The PRINCE2® certification has two qualification levels: foundation and practitioner. Just as the name suggests, the PRINCE2® foundation course includes the principles, themes and processes of project management. A candidate gets to learn about how they can timely deliver projects, under budget and manage the potential risks or challenges to the project. In the practitioner, one gets to learn how they can apply the skills learned in a particular situation.

PRINCE2® Certification Courses

The PRINCE2 was earlier designed for IT injury. Gradually, it was used by project managers from every industry including engineering and business. Also, earlier these certification criteria were demanded from managers from the UK. Now, it’s preferred in Europe, Asia and Australia.  So, when a candidate gets a PRINCE2 certification they get:

  • Better project management skills
  • Global recognition
  • Less duration from other courses
  • Better job opportunities
  • High salaries

How to Apply for PRINCE2® Certification?

Since there is no prerequisite anyone can enrol in the online PRINCE2 foundation course. To become a certified PRINCE2 professional, one must complete the training from an accredited training organisation and pass the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Exams.

Eligibility for Different Levels

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 levels for the course. Firstly, the PRINCE2 foundation course is a basic level that helps to understand the principles and terminologies and the practitioner course is about the application of the PRINCE2 concepts.

There is no compulsion for any requirement while applying for the foundation course. But, for better understanding, it is important to have basic knowledge about project management. For the practitioner level, they need to give PRINCE2 Foundation, PMP Certification, CAPM and IPMA- Levels A, B, C, or D.

Practical Training & Study Material

There is no definitive routine for the eligibility of PRINCE2, but training is important to give the exam. Also, some self-study material is important to better learn the concepts. When you purchase a course, you will get additional study material for better learning.

Exam & Its Cost

Candidates are not allowed to take books for the PRINCE2 foundation course exam. It has 60 questions to complete in an hour. So, one needs to get 55% marks to qualify and pass it. But, a manual can be taken during the practitioner exam which has 68 questions, and 150 minutes and the candidate needs to get 55% marks to clear it. The cost for the course differs from country to country. It is available from the tutoring Institute as a complete package including exam fee and study material.


PRINCE2 Agile happens to be a type of PRINCE2 that is relevant to the implementation of Agile projects. It’s for projects which depend upon Kanban, Scrum, or other similar Agile systems. PRINCE2 Agile gives a governance & management related layer to the simple methods of Agile methodology in the delivery stage. PRINCE2 Agile was introduced in 2015 for the ones working on project development. It aims to spread the agile mindset to other departments of a company and not just the one working directly on project management. Even PRINCE2 Agile has a foundation and a PRINCE2 practitioner level to qualify.


If you are interested in pursuing this certification, then choose the best PRINCE2 courses that include experimental workshops, training from expert consultants, and mentorship by leading experts. The candidates should learn better and acquire the globally accepted project management skills and support for the future.

The PRINCE2® certification course shows the gateway to becoming a qualified project manager. The accredited course makes it ideal to establish a better career and gain improved skills in PRINCE2.

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