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How to Avoid Fraud and Unlicensed Loan Businesses in the UK


It is critical to apply to a reliable company when you plan to borrow money urgently. Payday loans from unlicensed lenders may harm your finances and your condition. This is because the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules and regulations do not apply to unlicensed lenders.

The FCA has put in place procedures to restrict the extent to which persons who take out loans could later get themselves into financial problems. The FCA’s role is to provide safety to consumers who borrow money.

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Steps to Avoid Scams and Frauds:

  • Refuse cold calls

To prevent being conned or doing business with unauthorized companies in the UK, you should take cold calls with the utmost caution. Ideally, you should not answer cold calls, but if you do, immediately hang up. No matter how alluring an investment may sound the majority of con artists, cold-call potential victims. Never read or reply to unwanted mail because of this. You can choose safe postal and phone settings to keep yourself protected.

  • View the FCA’s list of unlicensed businesses.

The FCA maintains a separate list of all unlicensed businesses. Make sure to check the FCA’s blacklist for the company or person(s) you intend to do business with to avoid falling victim to fraud. All businesses and people about whom the FCA has filed complaints are included on the FCA list. Although the list is updated periodically, the FCA also frequently adds new businesses and individuals.

  • Be aware of imitation businesses

Most con artists pose as branches of businesses that have FCA authorization. The con artists frequently represent themselves as foreign companies authorized to transact business on behalf of FCA-authorized businesses. Be careful of such businesses. Visit the website of the registered firm to see whether it has subsidiaries to prevent getting conned by cloned businesses.

  • Stop transferring money right away if suspicious:

If you have already begun doing business with a company, but begin to suspect that, you are the victim of fraud, cease transferring money to the company or person in issue right away. Inform your bank right away, if you have given out your bank account information.

  • Report unlicensed businesses

Call the FCA’s consumer helpline immediately if you believe you have been working with an unlicensed company. You can report as many details as you can about the suspicious company or person using the FCA’s reporting form.

Although there may be more procedures to take when trying to avoid scammers and unlicensed businesses in the UK, the FCA considers the above ones to be the most crucial. You will not need to be concerned about falling victim to any financial fraud in the UK if you adhere to it strictly.

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