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How to Build A Professional Instagram Influencer Website For No-code Designers


So youre looking to level up your Instagram Influencer presence. You have a following that you’ve curated through organic means, or perhaps you pay a marketing agency and buy instagram followers and likes the smart way, you have engagement on your posts, the next step is to monetise this right?

You may be looking at promoting your own products. Perhaps you’re looking for opportunities to partner up and promote other brands.

Rather than just leaving your email address in your bio, you want to exude another level of professionalism – this can be achieved with a website link in your bio instead.

Let’s go over the crucial aspects of nailing the design for your Instagram Influencer website as a no-code designer.

Decide on  a Website Structure

This largely comes down to what your plans are for monetising your profile:

Single Page – Landing Page Style

This is perfect and all you need if your priority selling point has one focus. If you’re looking to promote yourself as a brand-promoter, a landing page can be used to introduce yourself, your experiences in brand promotion and most importantly, the engagement and interests that your following have!

If you’re a coach or other service provider, you’ll want to make a sales landing page set up to promote your main product and how it can appeal to your ideal audience.

Multi Page Website

If your offerings are a little more varied, consider the addition and creation of more pages. Your home page should be a portal to all your services and products, while also being an appealing introduction to you and what you’re about.

You can have an individual page assigned to each suite of services you would like to promote to your audience of followers.

Write Compelling Copy

“Copy” in the world of marketing just transposes to ‘the writing’ – You’ll need engaging and compelling copy in your website, in order to entice your visitors to take you up on your offers!

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Be yourself, make sure it sounds like its coming from you
  • Most importantly, address HOW you can help
  • Testimonials, social proof, evidence – all great for increasing trust
  • Call to action – How should they proceed with purchase/getting in touch with you

Choose a No-Code Website Design Solution

There are a number of great options here. Wix comes to mind as it is a super easy drag and drop web builder option. Squarespace is another great choice with an awesome selection of pre-designed themes and sections you can stack together to make a professional-looking website in a short matter of time.

The benefit of choosing a no-code website solution as an Instagram influencer, is that there is no heavy reliance on a professional website coder to make updates and changes as necessary.

These services don’t come cheap either, so as someone who may just be starting out, a no-code builder won’t leave you with a burning hole in your pocket for small, frequent updates!

Get to Creating!

Whichever no-code platform you choose to design your new website on, it’s paramount that the colours, tone, theme, and overall look & feel are synonymous with your Instagram feed. Stick to your personal brand’s aesthetic!

The last thing we want is a disjointed or confused audience when transitioning from your Insta profile, over to a website that looks like it may be a different person entirely.

The last thing to check, ensure that your website design looks GREAT on a mobile device. Remember, the traffic to this website will be predominantly from your Instagram page and 99% of users are browsing Instagram from a mobile device.

The interactiveness of the design should be as close to as entertaining as scrolling your actual instagram feed, while still being able to convey or promote the products or services you’re selling.

To summarise, any influencer looking to monetise their following should have a website that is easy to navigate to through the Instagram portal. It’s recommended to start out with a no-code website design to kick off your first promotional platform.

If you have queries about boosting your Instagram audience, have a chat to the experts at iDigic.

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