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How to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange?


The popularity of cryptocurrencies is constantly growing. Now there is a slight correction in the market – the value of the asset is falling, but it has nothing to do with the beginning of a new crypto-zine. It’s just that weak digital coins are consolidating, which means it’s a good time to try your hand as an investor. Let’s tell you how to choose the right platform for investment, what you need to consider in general. You can get acquainted with liquid cryptocurrency platforms in the rating of exchanges.

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The Legal Aspect

Cryptocurrency exchanges without licenses were once popular, but those times are a thing of the past. People prefer their funds to be perfectly safe, without the risk of theft. Accordingly, they choose officially regulated exchanges. The document can be issued in different countries – most often it is Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Gibraltar.

Market giant Binance does not have a license, but the site has been working for a long time, has built a transparent relationship with users and is always ready to compensate for damages. If you come across a little-known option that doesn’t have a license, it’s better to refuse to make transactions.

Simple understandable interface


A good cryptocurrency exchange must be designed with the user’s memory in mind. That is, a person gets used to a certain layout of the shopping cart, other elements and expects to see it on a new site. If the site of a particular exchange is strikingly different from its competitors, the client may simply leave.

Innovation in creating trading interfaces – that’s fine. But they are usually introduced in order to stand out in the market, but not in order to bring real benefits to customers. There are many cases where people just lost money because they couldn’t find the right button in time. Hence the conclusion: when choosing a platform for investment, trade always evaluate its convenience for you.


It has to be high – not for all assets, of course, but only for the most popular ones. If during trading you cannot open a deal at the average market value, it means that the exchange has low liquidity. The deal will be opened at the moment when there is another trader who agrees to buy your asset and sell his. It is impossible to open the deal when you want.

Trading on a low liquid exchange decreases potential profits many times over and greatly increases possible losses. It is better not to take risks.


The next factor on our list. Find out how exactly the exchange protects your account. Usually, when registering, the site recommends that a new client take advantage of them. If there are no additional measures to protect your funds, it is better to look for another site.

The link to the site must begin with HTTPS. This data transfer protocol is the most secure. Two factor authentication is also an important feature. It minimizes the risk of having your account hacked.

Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange is a tricky thing. You want to find a platform that offers you access to the best cryptocurrencies, but you also want to make sure they’re trustworthy. It’s easy enough to find a platform that claims to have all the best coins, but how do you know if it’s actually true? There are so many options out there, and it’s hard to know where to begin. However, you can maximize your investment by using coin calculator tools. Investment Calculator like binance coin calculator is designed to help you understand how it works and what the best strategies are to maximize your investment.


How to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange

Usually, the amount of commission is directly related to the volume of transactions – the higher it is, the higher the commission will be. For this reason, large marketplaces usually attract new clients with good commissions. Be sure to compare commissions at different marketplaces. Watch out for suspiciously cheap and expensive offers.

Check withdrawal and deposit fees. Some deposits take a very high percentage for these operations.

Now you know how to choose a good exchange for transactions. It is also recommended to search for reviews on the Internet, read the evaluations of real customers.

Our experts advise an old but little-known crypto-exchange gate.io. The site provides a wide range of digital currencies for trading and quite favorable conditions for their storage.

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