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How To Deal With A Jackknife Truck Accident?


Sharing the road with a truck can be unpredictable. Trucks have a bigger size and weight, which can often lead to a catastrophic accident if the truck driver does not pay attention on the road. Car drivers and motorists might get frustrated since they must slow down around a truck. While it might be frustrating, it will be best for every driver to be aware of the tractor-trailer’s blind spots and turning radius. 

Often, tractor-trailers and the turning radius have led to jackknife accidents. You must pay attention to such factors and leave enough space when driving near a truck. Suppose you encounter a jackknife or any other type of truck accident. In that case, contacting an Oilfield accident lawyer will be vital, as the laws and rules surrounding a truck accident can be complicated. Besides, it would help if you also went through the article below, as it can help you deal with a jackknife truck accident. 

What should I do after encountering a jackknife truck accident? 

There are several technological advances in the industry to prevent severe accidents such as a jackknife accident. However, such methods cannot always be trusted. The prevention of accident entirely depends on the truck driver. Other drivers must take precautions and stay aware of the road conditions to adjust their driving accordingly near a truck. Such instances can help prevent a truck accident.

On the contrary, if you have already met a jackknife truck accident, you should follow simple and practical steps to ensure that injuries and damages are as small as possible. Below are some of the steps you must take after a truck accident: 

  • Check yourself and other passengers for any signs of injury 
  • Call for medical help if you or others have sustained any injuries
  • Inform legal authorities such as the police to create an accident report 
  • Click pictures of the accident scene, injuries, and damages to the vehicle 
  • Move the vehicle to the side of the road if the damages are not severe 
  • Look around for people and ask witnesses if they saw anything, and collect their information for further help 
  • Call a truck accident lawyer in Oilfield as soon as possible

Generally, a jackknife truck accident will occur when the truck wheels lose traction. A truck consists of two parts: a cab where the driver sits and a trailer that holds the cargo. Due to the separated nature of trucks, the trailer will likely form a jackknife shape after swinging out to one side of the cab. As a result, it will be ideal to maintain a safe distance from the truck and driving with precautions. 

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