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How to Integrate FondMart with Shopify


If you are looking for a solution to automate ecommerce fulfillment, you should check out FondMart. This US-based apparel supplier integrates with Shopify to streamline order fulfillment. It also offers a free membership platform. Here’s how it works. Syncing information on shipping information, product availability, and order fulfillment is automatic. Your store is set to receive notifications and updates every time a customer places an order.

If you’re in the market for boutique clothing, wholesale pricing may be the way to go. Wholesale boutique clothing consists of clothing with high quality and a low-price tag. The process is simple with a website like FondMart, which connects you with suppliers that specialize in boutique clothing. It synchronizes with your store and handles all aspects of order management, including quality control, product sourcing, and packing and shipping. You can even create your own brand of boutique clothing to sell on your own.

FondMart is a US-based clothing supplier

In addition to its extensive catalog of over 200,000 items, FondMart also offers a service to buyers that helps them find the best suppliers, which helps them save time. The company’s staff is available to answer questions and provide manual assistance, if needed. Despite its extensive catalog, buyers will still need to make careful selections, given the huge volume of products available. However, if a company’s supply chain is shaky, FondMart can help them make better choices and keep their buyers working efficiently.

This US-based clothing supplier also offers private label services and is a popular dropshipping platform for small businesses. Besides having a large catalog, FondMart has many years of experience and more than 200,000 items to choose from. Although it is a good option for dropshipping, its shipping time and high prices make it difficult for small business owners. Hence, FashionTIY is a reliable website recommended by more than 50,000 wholesalers in the US.

While there is no monthly membership fee at Fondmart, you will need to pay for shipping costs. Unlike other dropshipping sites, the company also offers brand-name packaging and does not charge a monthly membership fee. As for the benefits, Fondmart is easy to use and offers a wide variety of clothing, as long as you can make the payment through PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards. It also has no monthly membership fees and a convenient checkout process.

It integrates with Shopify to automate order fulfillment

If you’re looking for a simple way to integrate Fondmart with Shopify, you’ve come to the right place. Through the Auto-Sync service, FondMart can synchronize your product, order, and shipping information. You can even manage your inventory with FondMart, and automate order fulfillment in a matter of minutes. Once your order is placed, Fondmart will change the status of the order on Shopify to “Fulfilled”.

Once you integrate FondMart with Shopify, you can begin selling women’s apparel. This service is compatible with many popular brands and is free for store owners to use. It also enables you to sell private label and drop-ship products, making it a convenient way to sell clothing. Your customers pay only for products they order, so it’s easy to make profits from this service.

To integrate FondMart with Shopify, you first need to use the Airtable module, which displays data elements in the form of fields. Once you’ve created your table or base, you can start mapping the data elements from the Shopify module to the appropriate fields in Airtable. This process is simple and illustrated in the image below. Once you’ve created your table or base, you can add the Airtable module to your Shopify store to automate order fulfillment.

It is a free membership platform

One of the best-selling features of FondMart is its vast catalog. As a global repertoire platform, FondMart offers a one-stop-shop for retailers, wholesalers, and drop shippers. Although this platform was launched in 2020, it has already proven itself as one of the most reliable and reputable players in the industry. In addition to its years of experience in the vestiaries industry, FondMart also boasts a skilled IT outfit, a team of buyers, and introducers. Its low MOQs and easy-to-use interface allow fresh overseas traders to maximize their profits.

You can sell women’s clothing using Shopify integration with FondMart. It features many of the best clothing suppliers in China, including trendy apparel. Shopify users will be glad to know that it is completely free to use. There are no minimum purchases, no monthly membership fee, and no minimum sales volume required. The only expenses you have to incur will be product prices, shipping, and customization. Using this platform will make your business a success and will increase your profits!


If you are a newbie to e-commerce, Shopify offers a free trial period. After a week, you can set up your online store, add products, choose payment methods, and pick a theme. You can also use Shopify to dropship, meaning that you can sell your products without paying for them. Once you get started, you will be able to sell your products directly to customers, making your business more profitable.

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