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How to Make Box Braids Like a Pro


The best way to get through the summer heat is to have your hair made into box braids. They are the most common way of getting your hair braided as it gives your hair the versatile and incredible look that you desire. They are knotless reducing hair loss as they do not make tangles on your hair.

Box braids can be done on any type of hair regardless of its texture and volume. They are simple to make and do not require a lot of time hence you can even do them on your own without the need for a stylist. The following is a step process of making box braids.

  1. Make Preparations

Before you begin the braiding exercise, you need to make adequate preparations. Collect all the items that you will need in the entire process. Ensure that you get the right amount of regular braids, all the tools that you require, and a moisturizer.

Thoroughly wash your hair using a shampoo and conditioner then moisturize it to ensure that the braids are strong and that they last long. Clean the scalp well and apply some oil to prevent the scalp from drying up. Partition the hair into four sections and blow dry it to dry and remove tangles.

2. Section Your Hair

From the four sections that you had divided the hair, make other small sections from it which the box braids will be made. Divide the sections according to the size of the braid that you desire. Use clips to hold the sectioned parts into place as they wait to be braided.

Ensure that the sections are neat especially at the hair roots so that the braids come out very elegant just like you desire.

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3. Prepare Your Extensions

This is done by splitting the braiding hair into small sections. Ensure that one part of the braiding hair has a large volume than the other section. Intertwine the two braiding hairs in the middle of each of them.

Use a large-toothed comb to remove any knots and tangles on the braiding hair. This is done to ensure that the braids come out very neat.

4. Start The Braiding Process

Make three pieces from the braiding hair and attach them to the roots of your natural hair. Use your index finger to rotate the braid on your hair as closer to the scalp as you can. Begin to twist the braiding hair intertwining it with your natural hair until it forms a perfect braid.

Continue with this process until you attain the desired length of your box braid. Use braiding oil to ensure that you get a smooth texture for your braids. Divide the braiding hair into the desired quantity depending on how thick you want your box braids to be.

Depending on your comfortability, you can choose to have your box braids tightly or loosely fixed. Holding your root hairs tightly can pull them out so you should ensure that they are firm enough to last long but not too tight.

It is advisable that you lubricate the hair roots before you braid them to reduce pain once the braiding hair is fixed. The lubrication also helps to get hold of all the hair so the braids come out perfect.

How to Make Box Braids Like a Pro2

The following are some of the ways you can style your box braids;

  • Thick box braids

If you like to stand out, you can choose to use a large amount of braiding hair in order to make thick braids. They look good if only a few are made by using large hair portions.

  • Bob box braids

It is not necessary that your box braids are of shoulder length. You can choose to make a bob out of your box braids. They can be decorated using jewelry like beads.

  • Colored braids

A good way to get an incredible look is by using colored braids to make the box braids. Choose the color of braids that blends with your skin tone. You would also want to select a more universal braids hue with your outfit.

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