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How To Obtain The Best Designer Rugs Available In Australia


Are you currently searching for the best available custom designer rugs in Australia? It is important to work with a reputable business. One of the best is Dena Lawrence, and on their website, you can see their latest collections. The ideal for producing and creating these unique rugs stemmed from a therapeutic process that she went through. She realize that expressing herself in the form of outer and inner landscapes was not only a form of healing, but led to the creation of outstanding rug designs. Here is an overview of this creator of designer rugs that you should consider reviewing.

The Firesun Collection

These are defined by being a reflection of the natural world. In particular, they are representative of elemental forces that can be seen through expressions of color and vivid intensity. Using Kashmir in 100% silk, she was able to produce hyper real detail. Considered some of the finest handmade rugs available today, they represent strength and beauty. All of the knots that are used to create these durable rugs are packed tight with structural integrity. In this woven form it is even more representative of the symbolic language of Talim imbued in the very threads.

The Watermoon Collection

This collection stands in some contrast to the prior collection for several reasons. Although immaculate and beautiful in its own right, it is representative of a completely different vibe and feeling. Taking cues from other weavers from areas of Pakistan, she translated what she learned into her own artwork. It is a blend of complementary interior schemata within her own mind, leading to the free-form energy revealed on these rugs. Essentially, they are intense, complex, and these patterns and designs are woven on silk and wool. It is a collection that will simply captivate those that enjoy the natural surroundings of the world.

What You Should Know About Carpets As Therapy

The therapeutic value of carpets is not well-known, yet it is gaining traction throughout the world. Perhaps it is the designs that Dena has created, including the Blue, Red Earth, and also the Yellow Everlasting design from the Watermoon collection. As with mandalas, which represent feelings and vibrations, the same is true when looking at the carpets that Dena has produced. It is from her own inner world, representing what she feels and has learned, that you are able to embrace by looking at these designer rugs.

If you have been searching for designer rugs that can also be therapeutic, consider the Dena Lawrence collection. All of these rugs are designed by her, based on her interactions in the real world. Many of the businesses that produce rugs that are similar do not embue them with the power and energy of their collective understanding of the universe.If you are ready to experience a whole new level of positive vibrations and emotions, consider her rugs as a gateway embracing a higher vibration. That’s exactly what you will get from Dena Lawrence and her many rugs that you can see on her website. https://www.denalawrencerugs.com.au

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