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How to Open a Spa in Dubai? 


Dubai is a popular tourist destination and is home to several businesses in different domains. The beauty and care industry is one such domain that is gaining prominence in Dubai. Because of its large potential, more and more people are starting in Dubai. The success of the spa business in Dubai is because of the high standard of living. If a spa center can offer an unforgettable and relaxing experience to its clients, it can make it a profitable business. This blog details how to open a spa in Dubai. 

For setting up a spa in Dubai, it is wise for the entrepreneur to get in touch with business setup consultants in Dubai. They can make the process of establishing a spa less complicated and effortless. The business person can get informed about the various permits and how to organize their documents for approval from the authorities. They are a pioneering force that can help any person with setting up. a spa in Dubai. 

The Process of Setting Up a Spa in Dubai 

As the beauty sector is booming in Dubai, the spas in Dubai offer a variety of non-invasive beauty services. The following are the steps taken to set up a spa in the people’s favorite destination. 

Ideation and Planning 

A plan of execution is the most crucial thing every business person looks forward to. The business setup in Dubai must start with an idea so that it can be executed with a well-constructed plan. To understand how to open a spa in Dubai and for clarity, the business person should note everything on paper. It is ideal to include their desires, requirements, floor plan, growth plan, and more. For a proper launch of a spa, a properly executed plan could help the entrepreneur. 

Select a Name 

Be it any other business in Dubai, selecting a name is crucial for company formation in Dubai. The business person can choose a name for their spa as per the rules and regulations laid by the government of UAE. Without any issues, all rules must be followed for naming a business and the name must also be available for the registration process. Since it is not permissible to break any laws while naming the company, the entrepreneur can get help from the business setup experts in Dubai. They can change a brainstorming task into a simpler one. 

Select the Location 

The business person can set up their spa either on Mainland or in Freezone. The country allows them to establish their business in either of these places while they have their pros and cons. Entrepreneurs must look for ownership rights, control, access, tax benefits, and much more before they decide on the location. 

This step is critical as it would help them to find a space to rent and the entrepreneur could know to whom they should submit their documents. For a spa set up in Dubai, renting a space is one of the top priorities. They can then obtain the Ejari number with the tenancy contract from the concerned authorities once they start registering the space. 

Apply for Spa License 

The entrepreneur needs a permit from the Dubai Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality to obtain a spa license in Dubai successfully. They can apply for the license when they have all the required documents with their name registration approval. 

Hire Staff 

One of the central factors of the spa business is to hire qualified and well-trained staff. They play a crucial role in the experience of the customers as they are the ones who would be delivering the services to the clients. The business person can hire staff outside of the UAE as it is home to many experienced professionals. However, for this, they should sponsor their visas as an employer. 

The Steps for Obtaining a Spa License in Dubai 

For entrepreneurs to enquire about the setup of a spa in Dubai, the authorities responsible for that are The Department of Economic Development and Dubai Municipality. A spa license is mandatory to set up a spa in Dubai. For obtaining the license for a spa in Dubai, there are several steps to be followed. 

Without proper documentation and verification, no business setup in Dubai is possible. The entrepreneur needs to submit documents such as passport-size photos, passport copies, and entry visa or stamp page to the relevant authorities to obtain a spa license in Dubai. These are the basic documents needed to set up the spa. However the list of documents changes depending on the activities offered by the spa. 

When an entrepreneur chooses a name for their spa business, they should have explicit initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). For the spa business, the next step is to draft and sign the Memorandum of Association (MoA) with the Local Service Agent (LSA). The entrepreneur will also be required to rent premises and sign a rental agreement. For the spa establishment space, they should also get the tenancy contract. 

Apart from all these, it is important to take approvals from the relevant authorities. The business owner must obtain permission from the planning section and health and safety division of the Dubai Municipality. After all the documents are ready, the business person must submit them to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for final approval for opening a spa in Dubai. To avoid any mishaps, the business consultant in Dubai can provide advice and help the entrepreneur to obtain the approvals seamlessly. 

The final cost of opening a spa business in Dubai depends on a variety of factors. Therefore it is difficult to determine the exact cost of setting up a spa as it is quite a costly endeavor in Dubai. The factors such as spa services, location, and facilities that are included in the spa contribute to its cost. Whether the business person is investing in the franchise model or setting up the spa from scratch is also dependent on the total cost of its setup. 

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