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How to Properly Dispose of Leftover Latex Paint


When you’re painting your house or something it’s hard to determine the exact amount of paint you’ll need. Leftover paint may be a thorny problem. You might have leftover paint from a prior job or purchased too much paint for your present project. you must understand how to properly dispose of latex paint.

Latex paint is hard to dispose of. Paints cant be thrown away in the trash because they are hazardous waste. The best way to dispose of latex paint is to recycle it. You can also donate the paint if it’s in good condition. If you have got a lot of paint that needs to be disposed of, call Junk Removal Atlanta for a dumpster rental and get rid of the paint.

How to Dispose of Latex Paint Properly

You should not throw away the latex paint into the trash, as it can be a fire hazard. The best way to dispose of the paint correctly is to recycle it. If you throw away the liquid paint into the trash you might have to pay a fine. Here are a few ways to recycle old paint and save from trouble.

  • Take it to a recycling shop
  • Donate it
  • Dry it out

Take It To a Recycling Shop

Look for a recycling factory or shop that accepts latex paint. Not every recycling place accepts paint so before taking your paint to the place, call and ask if they accept latex paint and also let them know the quantity.

Donate It

If you have paint that can be used, donate it. You can donate it to a friend, family or neighbor. You can also contact organizations that will take the leftover paint from you.

Dry It Out

If you’ve dry paint or paint that can’t be used, dry it out. Use kitty litter or newspapers to dry the paint. You can also buy paint hardeners that will dry the paint. Once the paint is dried throw it away in the trash. You can also contact junk removal Atlanta for dumpster rental.

Why It Is Important to Dispose Of The Latex Paint Correctly.

Latex paint comes in hazardous waste as it is flammable and if ends up in landfills it can contaminate groundwater. Paints contain many chemicals that are not meant to be out. There are so many reasons to dispose of the paint properly.

Recycling the paint will keep it out of landfill. You can also earn some quick cash by taking it to recycle. Recycling old paint is good for the environment as it can be turned into new products.

When you’ve latex paint with you, don’t throw it away, store it properly so it doesn’t go bad, or donate it, you can also sell the paint when it’s unused. Seal the can perfectly and keep it at a moderate temperature.


Latex paint is one of the things that are hard to dispose of. Paint has many negative impacts on the environment which makes it important to dispose of it properly.

You can dispose of the paint by the methods mentioned above. You can also contact junk removal Atlanta for Dumpster Rental so that they will take care of the paint and other junk of yours.

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