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How to take care your skin for age


This era is the era of seeking skin care secrets to be beautiful and look younger. Observed from having a beauty institute or skin care products that are advertised Or there are many activities for beautiful and beautiful lovers to join. However, how to take care of your skin to be perfect depends on many factors such as lifestyle habits. eating Skin care since there is no problem Therefore, I would like to leave a guideline for taking care of your skin to be bright according to your age as follows:

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Infant skin (0-2 years) must be careful about exposure to the sun. Babies during the first 6 months should not be exposed to direct sunlight. even after using sunscreen Many parents think that sunscreen is not suitable for babies and children’s skin, which is wrong, because the amount of sun exposure accumulates over a lifetime, 80% is obtained from birth to the age of 20 years. it’s too late Because it helps to prevent the harmful effects of sunlight only 20 percent. In addition, be careful about irritation. Because parents are often afraid that they are not clean enough. So bathe the child with medicinal soap. take a shower often or too much soap wipe with alcohol And choose to use substances that are too strong for children’s skin. These all dry out the baby’s skin. and irritated In addition to that, DR. Barbara Sturm also offers skincare products for children. with ingredients that are particularly gentle.

Childhood skin (2-12 years) Children start running mischievously, falling, having wounds, being bitten by mosquitoes, ant bites, and scratching are wounds. Hands that are not clean will lead to infection. should be kept clean by washing hands and feet when returning from school cut nails short by adhering to the sanitary principles taught in schools If children must have activities in the sun. Should use sunscreen Teachers and parents must teach health education to children about the dangers of sunlight. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight and teach children how to use sunscreen when they are out in the sun.

Adolescent skin (13-19 years) Acne is the most common skin disease, especially in adolescence. But most Thai teenagers still have a skin understanding about acne. Most of them believe that acne is caused by dirt. When having acne, he washes his face several times a day. as a matter of fact Over-cleansing your skin can actually make your acne and skin condition worse. This will prevent the keratin production process of the skin cells from occurring normally. Cleaning the face should be done only in the morning. especially in people who apply acne medication to wash away any remaining medicinal residue. Because the topical acne medication that is applied before bedtime is vitamin A acid, making the skin more sensitive to light. In the evening to wash off sunscreen, makeup and wash your face after doing hot activities. sweat profusely This is because acne medications make the skin more vulnerable to sun damage, which is why it causes sunburn. dark spots and skin aging from the sun People who are treating acne should use sunscreen as well. It has been found that sunscreens with too high SPF tend to cause irritation and acne prone. And it’s also unnecessarily expensive. We should choose the appropriate SPF, such as daily exposure to the sun, use SPF 10 or 15 if you need to be out in the sun longer than usual. (several hours) SPF 30 may be used. Choose a sunscreen that does not cause acne breakouts. and applied without burning pain

Early adult skin (20-29 years) This age may have oily or acne prone skin. which comes from natural sex hormones especially before or after menstruation when the skin is oily Acne and red marks are clearly visible, should not be removed. Picking or squeezing any acne at all because it may cause inflammation. Infections and scars that are difficult to correct Taking care of your skin during this age must focus on cleaning the skin thoroughly. especially those who wear makeup Cosmetics should be wiped with an oil-cleanser with a cotton pad. and gently wash your face Ready to apply nourishing cream accordingly For those with oily skin, it is recommended to use a cream that does not contain oils or fragrances. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Wear sunglasses, a hat, or spread an umbrella when you go out on errands, as sunlight between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. is the worst enemy of freckles, freckles, dark spots and premature aging. If you want to change the shape of your nose, you can opt for Nose Threadlift in Kuala Lumpur.

Mature skin (30-39 years), the skin of a young woman Beginning to lack moisture and not shine as bright as before. Most of them find that their skin is dry. Wrinkles appear around the corners of the eyes. There is a problem with dark spots from Freckles or blemishes are increasing. The way to preserve the skin of this age is Using a cream that has a richer texture and applying more topical creams, such as eye creams. For office workers who work in air-conditioned rooms or sit in front of a computer screen every day It is advisable to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and smoking that can damage the skin and look prematurely. including making sure not to stress or frown to cause wrinkles easily At this age, the skin will begin to wrinkle, with blemishes and freckles, so many people turn to use cosmetics. If you don’t study how to use it well enough or using too much makeup May cause allergic reactions to cosmetics or acne from cosmetics

Middle-aged skin (40-49 years) is the age when women lose their confidence and are most concerned about skin problems. This is because the fat nourished under the skin layer loses its elasticity. make the skin not full Make wrinkles or defects more clearly visible. In addition, women at this age are beginning to enter the golden age. causing a lack of the hormone astrojan As a result, the skin becomes dry and more sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a skin care product that has a rich texture. Apply in the morning and before bedtime daily. The properties of these concentrated creams are not 100% effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles as in the movies, advertisements or claims. But moisturizing substances will help the skin to hold a lot of water. make the skin look firm Only shallow wrinkles However, if you don’t apply it regularly, wrinkles will reappear.

Older skin (50 years old onwards) At this age, the sebaceous glands begin to work less. can cause dry skin Many older people like to take hot baths. Soak in the bathtub Using too much soap These all make the skin more dry. Therefore, such actions should be avoided. and may use moisturizing cream to apply when dry skin If you are a person who does not care about maintenance and skin care before. The sagging skin condition and deep wrinkles are clearly visible on the face. Cosmetics may be used to cover up imperfections. To slow down aging, there is also specific care, including protection of the skin from being damaged by sunlight. using effective sunscreen Use clothing to cover your skin. Avoid activities in the sun Applying vitamin A acidic cream This cream is classified as a remedy to improve sun-damaged skin in terms of roughness. Wrinkles and mottled skin But it takes a long period of 10-12 months or more. Applying fruit acids helps the epidermis to peel off, making the skin look smoother. Reduce wrinkles, wrinkles, freckles and reduce dryness of the skin Currently, there are two types of fruit acids used: if the concentration is low, such as 4-8%, you can apply it at home. But if the concentration is high 30-70% must be done by a doctor. By applying it for a short period of time, counted as minutes every 1-2 weeks, over a period of time. antioxidant Widely known include vitamin A, C, E, beta-carotene, coenzyme Q 10, etc. These are applied to the skin in hopes of preventing and treating aging skin. But the results are still uncertain. Hormone replacement therapy has been found to give estrogen to postmenopausal women. In topical or oral form, it may improve skin elasticity. More moisturizing and less roughness But you must consult a specialist obstetrician, such as from a menopause clinic, before using these medications.

The most important to take care all ages is to change lifestyle habits for healthy skin from within. Start by eating foods that provide vitamins. A lot of mineral salts and fibers drinking plenty of water Exercising and getting enough rest, etc.

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