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How VPS Hosting UK Can Supercharge Your SEO


Website hosting is one of the first steps in your online business journey. Then, you try to find different ways of website promotion. For example, you try paid ads and SEO to bring organic traffic. 

However, the first step is to decide what website hosting you want. The right choice is also beneficial for the SEO of your website. In this article, we will explain why VPS Hosting UK is a good choice from an SEO point of view. Let us start from the basics. 

An Introduction to VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a much better choice than the most basic shared hosting type. A process called virtualization divides one single server into many instances. The host allocates every user or every website’s dedicated resources. So, all websites are independent. 

It gives an excellent solution to many shared hosting problems like resource hogging, breaches due to neighbor accounts, and oversold servers. However, one may argue that you still do not have the complete server. Why not buy a dedicated server to use one entire server? Yes, you can go for that,  but VPS comes at much more affordable rates and helps you cut down the price. 

Types of VPS Hosting

Depending on what is included in the package, there are two main types of hosting. 

Managed VPS Hosting

Are you a beginner with no technical know-how? Managed VPS hosting is a good option if you lack technical knowledge. This is a slightly expensive option, but you can enjoy the support of an expert team. 

Usually, the managed VPS provider handles hardware maintenance, software installation, technical issues, updates, and initial server setup. This is a great help for startups and small businesses. Often, they do not have an in-house IT team to manage these things.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

It is a better option if you are a pro at handling servers. It is much more affordable than managed hosting, but you can run the server alone. You just pay the monthly rent for the bare metal server. 

The server is totally in your control. You decide what to do with it after paying the rent. Unmanaged hosting offers no technical support. You have to troubleshoot every problem yourself. An experienced web admin or developer can do this, but not everyone can. 

What is SEO?

You have a good website and good website hosting. Now, what is the next thing? Of course, the website is made for people to see. The website is of no use if no one sees it. Therefore, you should utilize more than one channel to promote your online project. Proper SEO strategy is one of them.

SEO deals with tips and tricks that optimize your website for a better ranking. It increases the visibility of websites in search engines, which brings more organic traffic and views. SEO is an ongoing process that brings good organic traffic if done correctly.

However, SEO is not easy. Search engines do not disclose the working of their algorithms. According to experts, more than 200 factors could be involved in ranking any website on Google. 

Why is VPS Good for SEO? 

There are many ways VPS helps you enhance your SEO performance. Here are some great SEO benefits virtual private servers can bring us. 

Better Website Speed

Speed is one thing that we can indeed mention as Google’s ranking factor. Google loves websites that load fastly and likes to show them to its users. Let us say there are two websites with the same content but different speeds. Google would prioritize the fast-loading website. VPS offers dedicated resources and an excellent ability to scale, so your website will load faster. 

Guaranteed Uptime

Google also would not prefer a website that is down for more time. This is one of the best pros VPS vendors would ensure. Your website is available more than 99% of the time. 

The providers use multiple procedures for this from the server data center to set up. Cloud VPS is especially significant because you can employ a vast network of servers. All servers have a copy of your website content. However, you should still use good practices like daily backups and account monitoring. SEO robots will consider your website as working and reliable. As a result, they will give it a boost in rankings.

Best Security

It does not have a direct but indirect link with SEO. Security should always be a top priority for any website owner. Because if hackers access your website, they can also edit its content. They may upload irrelevant content. If search engines crawl your website, they could perceive it as dangerous and not rank it. Even if the page is ranked, they will de-rank it.  

HTTPS Encryption

Google has confirmed that HTTPS  is an essential ranking factor. SSL certificates ensure safe communication between the browser and server. Many VPS providers offer free SSL certificates. It is also advised that you should not put your personal information on a website that does not have HTTPS encryption.

Putting It All Together

So, VPS contributes to your SEO efforts in many direct and indirect ways. It ensures the best availability, excellent security, and industry-standard security. All these factors help with SEO.

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