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Identify the Right Time to Replace Playground Equipment to Maintain Safety Standards 


For youngsters, commercial outdoor parks and gardens include several amenities. The purpose of this equipment is to amuse kids. However, rust and weather conditions can readily ruin several playground items and equipment. To avoid accidents, it is crucial to replace worn-out and broken playground equipment.

Most of the playground equipment is made of wood, plastic, or metal. Water and heat in Australia induce rust and corrosion on metal equipment. Bugs can cause even wooden equipment to crack and warp. As a result, kids fall and suffer injuries. Therefore, it’s important to consider the playground equipment standard every few years. Some factors suggest that now is a good time to replace older playground equipment with newer equipment.

When to get Aussie Playground Equipment Replaced?


The most popular play areas for kids are city parks and commercial playgrounds. Therefore, it’s time to swap the replacement parts for Aussie playgrounds if your regular customers frequently complain about it. Using recently broken equipment will result in accidents and severe loss for your park.

Extreme Weather in Australia 

Given the severe weather we frequently have in Australia, it is crucial to frequently check your playground. If there has been heavy weather, be sure to inspect all supporting structures for stability and look for trip hazards on the ground. A previously short tree branch might have grown to eye level which may hurt any kid, and trash that was earlier in the bin is all scattered on the playground sand. Also, check if proper shades are still available for kids and parents to rest. This is a part of the trip playground that frequently goes unnoticed during playground inspections.

Surface Looks Shabby

It is constantly important to check the state of the playground, the soft fall height, and the surfaces. Once kids start playing, things move quickly, so it’s crucial to get rid of anything that could cause them to trip, like tree roots, pebbles, borders, and difficult objects. Soft fill materials like sand and bark should be inspected to ensure that they are evenly dispersed throughout the required areas and that their depth complies with playground safety regulations to absorb potential impact.

Regular Inspection

The Australian Standards for Playgrounds AS/NZS 4486 mandate annual inspections by a qualified professional. However, it is advised to hire a staff who specializes in this field and can undergo inspection when required. Although they won’t be able to identify flaws as precisely as experienced people, they will nevertheless protect your regular customers from potential dangers, trash, as well as harmful insects and spiders.

 Continuous Improper Functioning 

Due to flaws, some Aussie playground equipment, such as the merry-go-round and swings will not function properly. They are flawed, so they will break or hurt you. It’s time to get rid of any of those tools that aren’t functioning properly and quickly find new Aussie playground equipment. Playground equipment is regarded as safe to use until it has been repaired once or twice.

However, you should replace your playground equipment if it needs to be fixed frequently. Equipment that requires maintenance regularly is no longer safe to use.

A little wear and tear are normal in playground equipment, so knowing when to completely repair your playground equipment can be challenging. While some playground equipment can be quickly fixed, some are more difficult. A good place to start for determining when it’s time to replace or repair is by keeping track of the Aussie playground parts you’ve previously fixed.

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