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India’s World Cup opponents: who will compete for the trophy


Since the Cricket World Cup began on 5 October 2023, India, as the host nation, has entered the trophy battle with home-field advantage and a powerful squad filled with international stars. This is a team that combines experience and youth, and where Virat Kohli, who has played in three previous tournaments, continues to inspire a new generation of cricketers.

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India’s main rivals

The following teams should be mentioned which are capable of putting up a fight for our national team on the way to triumph:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • South Africa.

Considering how events are unfolding at the World Cup, these teams are the main rivals of India.

New Zealand

According to bookmakers, New Zealand is India’s main rival in the fight to win the 2023 World Cup. And this national team started to show itself from the first games: 4 matches – 4 wins. There is little doubt that at the end of the round-robin stage, New Zealand will find themselves in the next stage – the playoffs. And then much will depend on what kind of opponent this national team will meet.


The five-time World Cup winner has had a challenging start to the tournament. If Australia continues in this vein, they risk failing to reach the semi-finals at the end of the round-robin stage. Nevertheless, this team has experience and strong performers, so it is safe to assume that things will start to improve for this national team soon.

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