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Instructions for Bettors to Register to Become an Agent 79king


 Agency 79king com is a policy for long-time members at the playground. This brings unique benefits and incentives along with huge rewards. In particular, this is also one of many money-making methods that help you earn high profits. The following article will tell you how to apply for the special position mentioned above.

Position-specific benefits grand physical

The house always ensures all the best privileges for the position grand reason at the playground. Below is a summary of all the extremely attractive benefits for you to refer to more closely.

Discount commission rate

The house supports members to enjoy extremely high commission discounts. A member’s income when in an official position can be up to hundreds of millions of dong a month. Immediately after registering and depositing money, participants will start earning revenue.

Right to use trademark 79king

To attract a larger number of members to participate, members will be granted the right to use the system’s images. Including proof of operating licenses, publicly posted advertising programs,…

If you are worried that you will encounter difficulties when registering for the first time, don’t worry. Our staff is always ready to stay until late at night to serve and assist in solving any problems.

Screenshot 6

Guide members to apply for positions grand physical

With the purpose of recruiting more members, the house’s policy is to optimize all operations. Thus, you can easily carry out all activities, especially registering for jobs. To participate, you need to remember the following 2 steps.

Step 1: Visit the homepage and click on agent registration

The member’s first action is to access the house’s website system. Next, log in to the homepage via your registered account name and password. Once in, search for “Dealers 79king” and click here.

Screenshot 7 1

Step 2: Complete the form

Fill in all relevant information according to detailed instructions from the system:

  • Username: In this box, members should use their name written without accents, with the minimum allowed number of characters being 5.
  • Phone: Please enter the exact and complete phone number you are currently using.
  • Password: The safest choice for members is a combination of letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters. You can also use special characters and should create a password of 6 characters or more.
  • Nickname: This item will be displayed after the participant is granted an account. There are no specific regulations regarding the above factors,should You can set it as you like.

Step 3: Finish the process

Thus, after completing the information declaration process, members should click on the “Register” button that appears at the bottom of the page. Next is the system’s task, which will receive the application form and then verify the registration information. The link sent will include information about the agent code, account name and password you created.


Above is all the information members need to understand when applying for a position grand physical. I hope you register successfully and earn the biggest profit possible.

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