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Interesting ideas for the creative writing essay


Aren’t creative essays incredible? They grab your attention right after you start reading them and keep you on the edge of your seat until you finish the last sentence, leaving you under a strong impression. While reading such pieces is pure joy indubitably, writing a creative essay is an entirely different story. Especially if you haven’t done it before or think you aren’t as creative as others. But does it mean you can’t cultivate inventiveness and come up with a fascinating paper? It sure does not! Although labor-intensive, writing a creative paper is manageable.

In this article, we’ll learn the nuts and bolts of a creative essay, put together the tips to write a good piece, and provide you with a few mind-boggling topics for the paper. Hop on because we’re getting started!

Defining a creative essay

Let’s just quickly define a creative essay, so everyone gets a gist of what it is. It’s a paper that doesn’t fall under academic requirements. It can include colloquial language expressions, poetry excerpts, jokes, personal pronouns, and anything not presented in a formal essay.

Qualities of a creative essay

So, what makes an excellent creative paper? It depends on whether you pose the question as a writer, reader, or teacher. Overall, though, a creative piece stands out in terms of:

  • Vividness: It includes literary devices that evoke strong emotions and create lasting impressions.
  • Clarity: Although a creative essay allows for diverse speech and style, it’s imperative to make the paper transparent.
  • Uniqueness: A fantastic paper equals a unique report. One-of-a-kind narrations, comparisons, and allegories will add to the piece’s exclusivity.

Writing a creative paper: Steps to complete

With that in mind, let’s go through the steps that will power up your writing and allow you to complete a sound creative paper without drawing a blank.

Decide on the topic and conduct research

Usually, creative essay writing puts everything on a student’s shoulders, including the choice of topic. It takes time, so if you are short on it, you may want to turn to a fast essay writing service. EssayShark provides quick and high-quality solutions for any writing. But assuming you have enough resources to complete every step yourself, begin with researching your interest area. Carefully look at what has already been described and left behind. This info will allow you to build a list of possible topics and directions to follow. Once you do that, narrow the list and decide on the subject.

Build a story and draw it up

Creative writing requires developing an exciting and coherent story with characters and their relationships and the location it occurs. While numerous elements can come to your mind during the act of writing (that’s fine; we encourage you to augment your account as you write), prolific writers recommend writing down key episodes so that you know where and when your story revolves around. In addition to those mentioned earlier, write a few lines about the turning point and resolution. Even if you modify them later, it’s best to have them documented right now.

Tailor to the structure

Since creative writing branches out from academic writing, its structure may be different, too. But it shouldn’t be in complete opposition to academic essays. Writing a creative paper in one massive block of text will unlikely make your article easily readable and mesmerizing. Keeping the balance is key here to secure coherence and high quality. We suggest having a clear introduction, body part, and conclusion. The number of sections, along with their size, is entirely on you.

Edit diligently and cover the holes

No matter how talented writers are, they always double-check their works. Editing the essay will showcase fragments that you need to either merely modify or rewrite completely. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but these actions will help you design an emotion-packed piece that will appeal to the readers’ senses and evoke the necessary feelings.

What to write about?

One of the most pressing questions students ask regarding creative writing is what to write about. A host of prompts exist, so if your teacher has given you the green light to craft an essay on any topic, the best way may be to look for the subject on the web. Luckily, you don’t need to go anywhere, as we’ve covered you and highlighted several model topics you can use freely.

Before diving deeper into them, let us briefly state that it’d be best if you thought about what piques your interest and fuels your writing enthusiasm. Acknowledging such themes will help you turn your inner creative writer on and craft a sensational story in the long run. No worries if you can’t do that for some reason, as the good topics are below.

Model topics

A word on the following topics: you can easily twist them however you want, changing the entire subject and focusing on things that excite you.

Love and feelings

The topic of love and feelings is so broad that you can keep writing about it on and on. Besides, it’s the question of interpretation, as love can be different and revealed in various ways.

Sea journey or hitchhiking

An adventure is always a good thing to write about. The spirit of wildness, unexpected events and people, unusual interactions, stressful situations, philosophy moments – are just a drop in the ocean of what a sea or hitchhiking journey can describe.


Visiting a different country and getting familiar with cuisine can bring a lot of insights into people’s lives. Writing down your observations regarding the cooking processes and tastes can result in a splendid paper.


Overhearing stories doesn’t occur daily, but you can learn interesting episodes from people’s lives when it does.

Contemplations about life

Diving into ruminations about life can generate mind-bending thoughts. Add a pinch of metaphors and comparisons, and voila, the creative piece becomes a page-turner.

Ready to create something striking?

The topic doesn’t necessarily need to be unique to create an outstanding creative piece. It’s your ideas and writing style that matter more. Continue to drill your skills, and your future creative essays will be unforgettable.

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