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Is Waiting Till 2023 To Buy a Used Car A Wise Decision?


Nowadays people are shifting from purchasing a new car to purchasing a used car. What might be the reason behind it? Whether you should also go for a used car and wait till 2023, until the price drops and become affordable? Let’s find out the answers to these doubts.

If you’re also waiting for used cars or vehicles then the best option for you is MotorCloud, one of the largest vehicle pools. It strongly believes to empower Buyers and sellers with the best search for vehicles. Also, it is quite easy for sellers to sell their vehicles on this platform. Recently, it has reported a 1.2% average decline in the used car price.

Why you should wait till the price drops?

  • High price: due to the COVID Pandemic, everything is disrupted. Likewise, due to the shutdown of the car industry and other factors, the demand for cars has raised and the supply has been reduced. This has made the price of the used car very expensive. It has been assumed by professionals that the price won’t drop this year until it’s 2023.
  • Limited production: even though the production of the new car has been continued these days. Still, there is impact of the lockdown. The production is not completely recovered yet. As there is a scarcity of certain parts and requirements of a car like a short supply of microchips and other parts too.
  • Limited choice: in case you’re looking for a particular brand and model of a car, and the budget for a brand-new car is much more than your budget then you can start looking for a used car of the same brand and model. With a brief search, there are chances that you may get the car with all the features and a less driven car that is within your budget.
  • No need to worry about interest rates: you might be thinking that later the interest for the car loan may get higher. However, even though the interest may get higher, it will still come under the MSRP. Also, due to the normalization in the production of the car, it is quite certain that the price will drop in the upcoming year.
  • Depreciation with time: The price of the product may reduce with time which is quite normal. In such cases, if you buy the car and later try to sell it, there is a high risk of massive loss that you may face. Hence, it’s better to wait till everything is normalized.

Things to keep in mind while buying a used car

Whether you buy a car now or wait for next year, keep certain facts in your mind and think carefully before taking a further step. Check the quality of the car, whether it is safe and worthy or not. Also consider the sale date, as most of the dealers have started taking orders for 2023 from the present time. Make sure it is financially feasible for you. The repayment amount is suitable for you.


It depends on your situation whether you want to wait or buy now. So, consider the facts very carefully.

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