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Jun88 Football Over/Under Games: Attractive Options & Winning Strategies


Jun88 Over/under bets are one of the attractive types of bets, with simple and easy-to-play gameplay, so they are very popular with bettors today. In football, this bet is considered the top choice for betting. Here, Jun88 will share with you the attractive football over/under bets today, refer to them to choose your favorite bet, and win instant rewards!

What is the over/under bet in football?

The over/under bet in football, also known as the over/under bet, abbreviated as O/U bet, is one of the most popular bets of every bookmaker every time there is a big season. This bet is built based on the rule of predicting the result and comparing it to a certain benchmark.

Specifically, the house will give a number to mark the milestone, and the player will predict whether the result after the end of the match will be above or below that mark. After completing the prediction, the player places a bet on one of two outcomes: over or under, in which:

  • Over is the door where you think the match result will be higher than the mark given by the house.
  • Under is a bet where you think the exact match result will be lower than the bookmaker’s mark.

Of course, the bet results will be calculated that If you are lucky enough to become the winner, you will receive a reward from the house. On the contrary, if you lose, the initial bet will be lost.

What are the attractive football over/under bets today?

Up to now, the bets over/under organized by many bookmakers for soccer such as: total goals, total penalty cards, total corners,… These are all attractive bets with a large number of players participating every time they are organized. , detail:

Attractive corner kick over/under bet

In football, corner kicks happen very often and are also dramatic situations that capture all the emotions of live football viewers. Thanks to that feature, bookmakers organize bets for daily situations so that players can predict the total number of corners in the match.

  • The dealer will put a mark in the middle, the player will predict whether the total number of corners will be less or more than the original dealer’s mark.
  • If you think it’s less then bet under, if it’s more then bet over to win.
  • The total number of corners will be counted from the start until the official end of the match, regardless of which team the corners come from.

Unique over/under penalty card odds – Football over/under odds today

As you know, there are two types of penalty cards in football: yellow cards and red cards, that’s why the form of betting is over/underBased on penalty cards, it is also divided into two different categories. Include:

  • Yellow cards: total number of yellow cards appearing in the match.
  • Red card: total number of red cards issued by the referee from the beginning until the end of the match.

Sometimes there is also a category for the total number of cards in the match, which includes both yellow and red cards in the same bet. If you participate in any category, remember to predict the outcome for that category to make a safe, easier-to-win betting choice.

Over/under bets are based on the total goals of the match

The most popular form of over/under betting today that people choose to play every time it appears is the total number of goals scored bet. This is also today’s football over/under bet that you should not miss at Jun88.

When participating, you only need to predict whether the total score of the match will be higher or lower than the total number set by the house. There is absolutely no need to pay attention to which team that goal belongs to.
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Experience participating in football over/under betting today is sure to win

To be able to successfully win the house’s prize through today’s football over/under odds, you must make accurate predictions. By finding out relevant information about the match, especially information about the two teams participating in the competition. That way, the predictions you make will have a basis to help increase your winning rate instead of just guessing.

Soccer over/under bets include overtime or not

A question that always arises every time a new person joins the over/under bet is whether overtime is counted or not, the answer is yes. In fact, the bet will be held by the house for two periods of time: after the end of the first half or after the end of the two official halves.

Extra time is considered official time lost due to problems during the competition. Therefore, extra time appears so that the match can be played completely and with enough time for two official halves.


Above are interesting over/under bets in football that we want to share with you. Hope you can participate in football over/under betting today so you don’t miss the opportunity to win valuable prizes and exciting matches!

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