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Last-Minute Moving? Here Are Proven Tips


Moving is exciting but packing is just vice versa. It is well known to everyone that packing takes time, effort and patience. And when you have a limited time frame the work gets more stressful. For that reason, here we would like to provide you with some effective last-minute moving tips that will definitely help you in your last-minute move. 

  • Make A List

You should be having a proper list of work and objects that need to be moved. Take a tour of your home and note down all the items and things that you want in your new place and things that can be discarded. You can organize the items into three categories such as pack, donate and trash and according to that, you can start your packing. You can create a list either on the phone or notebook. Write down each object carefully so that you do not get stressed later on. 

  • Start Early

You might not be an early bird but when the sun is up, you also have to get up. Someone might not count this as last-minute move tips but trust this will help you very much. Waking up early will give you ample time to pack and organize your belongings. You will not regret becoming an early bird one day. It will help you in finishing the work within the desired time frame. It is very obvious that there will be some unexpected tasks at the last moment so to handle them appropriately you should have enough time.         

  • Pack An Overnight Bag

It is very obvious that things will get disorganized when you are planning to move in a hurry. But forgetting or misplacing the essential items will give you undesired stress. Thus for this reason you should take out some time and put all essential items into a single box. 

The list of essential items varies from person to person but there are certain things that everyone includes in their essential list. 

  • Physical Hygiene Items Such As Toothbrushes And Toothpaste
  • Pair Of Clothes
  • Air Mattress If Required
  • Mobile And Laptop Chargers
  • Toilet Paper And Soap
  • Small Towles
  • Snacks Items
  • Important Documents

Having all essential items in one place will help you once you will reach your new place.     

  • Collect Supplies

Collect all moving supplies in one place so that when you will start your packing process you will get everything quickly and easily, without wasting time. Packing supplies such as packing tape, scissors, pens for labelling, different size moving boxes, bubble wrap, box cutters and other such things are commonly associated with each move and you should have them all. 

Also, you should try to purchase the moving supplies and boxes ahead of time. Having quick access to all of these will help you effectively complete the packing process. 

  • Pack Room By Room

You should not plan to pack your entire room collectively. Prefer packing room by room and placing the same room belonging in the same boxes or if more than one box is required then you should label them so that you can get all your objects easily without opening all the boxes.   

  • Smartly Use The Space

You can pack your large-size belongings in the smaller ones,  where applicable. The fabric duffles which are small in size can get shifted into the larger size duffles. But this way you will be bypassing the requirement of packing them alone. In a single turn, you can pack both items also by eliminating the extra space. Ensure that none of the boxes has left space, if so then you can put some small objects in them so that they can get completely full. 

  • Pack Clothes Along With Hangers

For relocating your clothes you can take your clothes along the hanger. You can place them collectively inside the trash bag. It will also save your time at the time of unpacking. You will just take out your clothes and easily place them inside the closet which will simplify your unpacking task.  


Once you are done with all the daunting tasks of moving, you should reward your partner and friends who helped you to complete the task. Appreciation at the end of work will motivate every member and they will feel happy. It is not important that you have to give them some big or precious gift, you can simply offer them their favorite dinner. 

However, it will be best to trust professional Removalists in Melbourne so that you can get your work done easily. You can trust OZ Removalists for expiring the best last-minute move. They have been in this business for many years and handle each relocation with complete responsibility.        

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