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Leather Garters: ideas for images from the Obsessharness brand


In modern life-fashion trends the leather harnesses for women and garments are always extraordinary, attracting interest in the person they are wearing.

In addition, they emphasize not only your individuality, but also indicate an unusual taste, style and lifestyle, even your position and values. but it seemed that it was only about some little thing in clothes.

Modern fashion trends are now characterized by freedom in choosing a style, mixing different trends and layering in clothes. What was only on the catwalks is already available in stores, and what was just a bold fantasy is a new stylish reality for your taste.

Daringly sexy leather garterstoday are becoming an essential attribute of the wardrobe of a sexually liberated fashionista who prefers a bright style. So in our image, everyday and for special occasions, things burst into belts, chokers, bandages, corsets … and much more.

In this article we are talking about women’s leg garters and share the secrets about the features of wearing and combining.

What are Garters

Garter is a piece of clothing of the harness style, which is made from a system of straps on hips, calves and ankles of a woman’s legs.

They were created to focus the attention to the parts of the body they are worn on. Garters visually slim the legs, give the image provocativeness and sexuality. They make the fair sex elegant and original, attractive and favorable. This is a great addition to your image: playful, bold, sexy, elegant, romantic. Any one that you have chosen for yourself today with the help of such an intricate accessory.

The system of garters belt is most often connected by metal rings and rivets or decorative elements in the form of bows and geometric weaves of straps. Some models designed without decor and abundance of other accessories: sequin, rivets, rings, rhinestones, emblems. Modern designers come up with other elements to decorate leg garters and give individuality to their models.

Main types of Garters

Conventionally, all garters can be divided into four main types:

  1. Fastening to the belt. They cover the waist and hips, look sophisticated, expressive, well emphasizes the lines of the body, highlighting the strengths, visually lengthening the legs. Most often used for daily wear in youth and casual style over trousers or jeans.
  2. Fastening at the waist – this is one of the most popular accessories, they cover part of the abdomen and hips, they are not suitable for everyday wear, but they look perfect over underwear or on a naked body (sexual harness).
  3. Fastening on calves – they cover the calves in two or more places. A great addition for an open personality who wants to stand out from the crowd. Such a simple element will attract the eyes of others. They are suitable for everyday wear with skirts or dresses.
  4. For fixing stockings. An unusual interpretation of garters made of genuine leather. In tandem with lingerie bondage, the garters look simply unsurpassed. This is practical, since the hosiery is securely fixed and does not slip while walking. Can be used for everyday wear under various outfits.

What clothes go with Leather Garters

Leather garters for legs are chosen by extraordinary and bold personalities who want to stand out from the general mass and like to attract attention of others. Garters for legs can be worn with any outfit: jeans, shorts, tight pants or just bare feet.

    However, there are a number of exceptions:

  • with trousers or jeans (leg garters visually distort the proportions of the legs and make silhouette slimmer);
  • with business and strict clothes (with the exception of a contrasting style);
  • with classic or evening shadeless dresses (add feminine accents, draw attention to the legs, emphasize their shape).

With caution, you should wear a leg harness with knitted dresses – this combination can visually distort the outlines of the hips.

Garters look most impressive in alliance with a straight or flared long dress, with a shirt dress and with a non-fitting skirt above the knee.

Women’s leather garters look very provocative when combined with tight-fitting jeans or trousers, with short shorts or a long knitted dress.

What colors to choose

The most popular classic models of garters are made in black color, but if you wish, you can find an option in your favorite color.

Beige and white are more feminine, but not as spectacular. With them, you can start “acquaintance” with this sexy accessory.

Red is the color of playfulness, passion and sexuality, it is suitable for special occasions and women with regular shapes, as it always attracts attention.

Pink and blue are usually chosen by gentle girls with a mild and romantic character.

Accessories to complete the look

Leather garters are perfectly ideal for a kink look and emphasize the sexuality and audacity. They can be combined with a harness lingerie, strapon harness, choker or collars slave, cat or bunny woman mask and bunny bondage.

The main thing when choosing garters is to understand what kind of image you want to get in the end. If this is an everyday bow with a twist, then options with fastening on reeds or caviar will do. But for a romantic date and creating a kink image or role-playing games, stocking clips and variations on the belt are ideal.

Garters are fashionable and stylish, a wardrobe item that is definitely worth adding to your collection of fashion highlights.

For those who are looking for a handmade leather accessory, the doors of our workshop Obsessharness.com are open. We manually process leather, make standard and non-standard models of garters and sword belts. We deliver goods all over the world.

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