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Lighting & Crime: How Flash Glare Works To Protect Your Property


Description: Lighting is one security element that can help you maintain the security of a property. Perimeter lighting uses strong LED lights in order to offer heightened visibility,

If you are in charge of the management and upkeep of a property, one of the primary aspects of your job is the security of the place. It can often be even more challenging to maintain the safety of a commercial property due to the scale of the land. That being said, you can take specific actions in order to make the job of the security personnel easy. Lighting is one security element that can help you maintain the security of a property. Perimeter lighting uses strong LED lights in order to offer heightened visibility, making it easier to keep watch over the perimeter of the land.

The Benefits Of Perimeter Lighting

Lighting can significantly deter intruders looking to trespass on the property. The installation of perimeter lighting on the border of a property can have many major benefits for the property’s management. Not only do they provide heightened security, but they also offer aesthetic value, increasing the worth of the property. Similarly, the lights will offer heightened visibility for the security personnel, making the job of safeguarding the property more manageable. It can also reduce human resource needs as lesser personnel will be required to maintain the safety and security of the property.

Fighting Crime With Light

In the case of perimeter lighting, the main line of defense against intrusion is light. When you install lighting on the border of a commercial property, the illumination will deter criminals from trying to break into the property. Not only that, but the increased transparency on the property’s perimeter will also mean that a smaller number of security personnel will be required to safeguard the property against criminals.

Why Work With CAST Lighting?

CAST Lighting is a premier fence security lighting service provider with low-maintenance, low-voltage, and low-cost solutions. It is the objective of CAST Lighting to offer its clients a flexible lighting setup that is able to meet their unique needs. They aim to understand what the customer desires in order to provide them with the ideal solution. For CAST Lighting, customer satisfaction is the main priority.

Flash Glare By CAST Lighting

Most perimeter security setups consist of conventional CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and lighting. And whilst these elements can offer decent protection against intruders, their passive nature means that they won’t be able to fight off trespassers without some human intervention. This is where Flash Glare comes in; it is a security feature by CAST Lighting that can seamlessly be incorporated into any security system in order to provide automated protection against intruders and trespassers.

Mechanism Of Flash Glare

Flash Glare is a feature by CAST Lighting that can be integrated into any perimeter fence lighting setup. Once incorporated, it will proactively fight off against unauthorized access using the pre-existing lighting setup. Once the cameras and motion sensors detect an intruder, it will send a dry signal to the Flash Glare system, resulting in its activation. Once triggered, Flash Glare will use the perimeter lighting to send cycles of light in the direction of the intruder. This will distort the vision of the intruder, disorienting him and leading him into retreat.

The mechanism of the Flash Glare feature can be divided into three stages. Step one involves the detection of the intruder, step two consists of the activation of the feature, and the final step consists of the use of lights to send the trespasser into retreat. Flash Glare is an automated system that uses the already existing lighting setup to help with intruder evasion.

Why Incorporate Flash Glare Into Your Security Setup

The use of standard security components such as cameras, motion sensors, and lights is not enough to offer absolute protection against intruders. It is common to hire a number of security personnel in order to keep watch over the property, even though it has all conventional security technologies already installed. With Flash Glare, there will no longer be a need for human intervention. It will automatically offer protection against intruders.

Additionally, what makes Flash Glare stand out is its non-lethal nature.

It will discourage trespassers and stop them from breaking in without doing any lasting physical damage to the intruders. The presence of Flash Glare can act as a significant deterrent against intruders.

Concluding Remarks

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the oversight of a commercial property’s security can be a challenging task. However, you can still take specific measures in order to streamline your property’s security measures. Subsequently, the incorporation of the Flash Glare feature with the perimeter fence lighting setup can offer you the ideal intruder evasion system. With Flash Glare, you will not only enhance your property’s security but also automate the process of safeguarding against intruders and trespassers in a non-lethal way.

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