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Online Games: A Quick Look At The History Of Rummy


Do you like playing the rummy game? Are you aware that this particular card game has an illustrious and long history? It’s highly crucial to know where it originated from. In this post, you will learn how the Indian rummy game came into existence and various other aspects associated with it.

The Rummy Game: Looking at the Past

Like all the other games, professional gamers have spent hours researching the origins of the rummy game. Research can reveal a lot of things about a particular sport. Besides that, it can also tell things about the social custom and people during a specific era.

David Parlett, a well-known historian and scholar, has conducted much research on this card game. He is also the first scholar who found the connection between the Spanish card “Conquian” and the rummy game. Conquian can also be the direct ancestor of the rummy game.

Even though Conquian originated in Spain, it evolved and transformed into the early version of the rummy game back in Mexico. It happened during the 19th century when the Spanish immigrants arrived in the Americans for the first time.

When the Spanish started to travel to the northern part, Conquian reached both Canada and the US.

The Asian Connection

The rummy game does share the likeness with the Conquian game, and many historians believe that this card game originated from the Chinese card game known as “Khanhoo and Kon Khin”. This is an ancient game from China, which shares many similarities with the modern-day rummy game.

Another Chinese game through which rummy might have originated is “Mahjong“. In both ancient Chinese games, all the tiles or cards need to be arranged in a specific way or order. Another game, known as “Hanafuda“, from Japan might have influenced the development of the rummy game.

Historians believe that when rummy was developed the Asian countries started to trade with the European nations. This trade relationship between the east and the west transformed into a massive cultural interchange between the countries.

The Origins of Indian Rummy

Rummy gained a lot of recognition in India during the mid-20th century. It crosses the “Gin Rummy” and “Rummy 500“. In this Indian rummy, you have to make sets from 13 cards, which get distributed among all the players at the table. It’s very easy to play Indian rummy and has some rules and regulations you must follow.

Furthermore, the Indian courts have declared this card game to be a “game of skill“. Even though playing rummy is completely legal in India, states like Orissa and Assam did not provide clear rulings on it. You can play the game online as it’s available on numerous game portals and rummy sites.

Ending Note

Rummy is a universally popular game, and knowing its origins is pretty important. Staying well-informed about a game/sport you like can allow you to educate others who do not have much idea or knowledge about it. The historical significance of rummy will educate and enrich you with more information. 

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