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Revealing How to Play Scratch Cards Online Effectively from Bookmaker 789Games


How to play scratch cards is always something that many players are interested in and learn about. It can be seen that this card game is quite simple and has a lot of participation at the house. 789BET will share more details with you guys to get a better overview of this super reward game.

Scratch cards – an online game that everyone likes

Scratch cards are probably not too strange to many members, with another name being Three Card Poker. With a pure Vietnamese meaning, we can understand that the three-card or three-card game is widely used in the North.

This reward game often uses the method of comparing and contrasting scores between members. Each person is dealt 3 cards, then compare their scores to determine winner or loser. It can be said that this online casino game requires a lot of luck.

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Understand the most basic ways to play scratch cards

To conquer this 3-card game, members should clearly understand the basic rules of the game. Here are some rules you should not do wrong when playing the 3-card game:

About the number of players

First, a table will have from 2 to 6 members participating, or maybe larger. Each player will receive 3 cards, then bet on who will win between the player and the dealer.

Scoring rules

How to play scratch cards Quite simply, scoring is an important principle that members cannot ignore. When betting, you need to pay attention to the simple scoring rules below:

Regarding the score of each card, you will rely on the results recorded on each card. In particular, Ace cards are considered 1 point, while Western cards from J to K will be considered 10 points.

When calculating the total score, you just need to add up each card to see the result. Normally, the score will range from 0 to 9, but if there are 2 digits, only the units are counted.

Types of scratch cards are commonly used

When playing this online game, you not only understand the rules but also the common forms. Below are two forms that many players choose to enjoy at 789bet:

Turtle scratch card

First, this form allows members to bet with equal amounts of money. After that, each person will be given 3 cards, and compare scores to see who has the higher score.

Scratch cards

How to play scratch cards The best thing to do is to choose a person to hold the card, representing the house. During the participation process, bettors also compare their scores with the house to see who has the higher total score and wins the amount they bet.

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Instructions on how to play scratch cards at 789bet

As you know, a game will have about 6 members participating, or more. The steps to participate in playing online casino at the house will be carried out as follows:

Step 1: Bet money

After choosing a suitable table, you will need to bet money on the blackboard. According to How to play scratch cards, after betting money, the player will be dealt 3 cards in no one direction.

Step 2: Enter the game

Once the cards have been dealt, you will begin your bet. Each member will need to calculate their total points, then see who has the highest total. Please apply the scoring method shared above to predict your chances of winning.

Then, the parties will compare the total points to see who has the larger score. If the person with the higher score will win, there are two people with the same scoreline The prize money will be divided in half.

Step 3: Make selections

The next task of the bettors is to make a choice to end the game. Members can choose to go all in or stop playing, depending on their preference. In How to play scratch cards, if you feel like no one can compare your cards, then choose all-in to receive a large sum of money.

In fact, quite a few people choose to go all in, so there’s no need to worry too much. If you are just starting out, you should clearly understand the rules of playing scratch cards, from there make appropriate choices.

Step 4: Compare cards

To play online scratch cards, you need to compare cards between members to finish. See who has the highest total score, and receive the winning result from the house. Any member who wins will be rewarded by 789bet according to the previously announced rate.

Thus, some of the information shared in the above article has helped you guys better understand How to play scratch cards online. This game is not only simple but also brings valuable rewards to participating members, even if they are new. Hurry up and experience this exciting casino masterpiece at 789bet playground right now.

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