Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie: the recipe for the ultimate pleasure

Now, who doesn’t want chocolate chips embed with a cookie dough? And what about that magnificent peanut butter flavor? Sounds great already, and we haven’t even started the baking time yet. Stay tuned, then, and learn more about the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies available.

The secret of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

The reason these cookies are so wonderful is the balance of things. The great recipe contains – except from a lot of love, obviously – the right amount of ingredients with none of it taking advantage of the other. These proportions make a simple peanut butter chocolate chip cookie into a whole symphony of taste and structure. That is how you know they came out great.

And all of this is organic, too

The quality of stuff that goes into the dough is also incredibly important. Non GMO baking soda, for example, and organic flour mixture makes these cookies even more special. The thing is, we really need to be conscious about this. Healthy ingredients are essential for a cookie recipe to be remarkable. In fact, the cookies our grandmothers used to make in most cases were produced with the help of clean and natural elements, like the butter from a real milk or eggs that came from chickens that were actually allowed to walk outside their cages. Today, in many farms, birds don’t even see the sunlight. What’s more, they are fed with the bummest food possible, and all that goes straight to their eggs which lands on baking sheets afterwards. Dreadful, isn’t it?

That’s why you always should check the ingredients before buying the cookies. Especially, when children are to have a bite or two. Their young bodies are very vulnerable for toxins and accumulate them with bigger rate than adults do. Protecting the kids now AND teaching them about the importance of organic ingredients is a way of ensuring their healthy lifestyles in the future.

And what about the craftsmanship?

Well, baking is an art. We tend to forget it nowadays, but a decent bakery has much more to it than meets the eye. And believe it when they say it – there’s nothing better than a handmade peanut butter chocolate chip cookie in the morning, during lunch… at any time, really. Yes, it might not look perfect, but ask yourself: were all those brilliant pastries from your childhood perfectly round as a full moon in the night sky? Of course they weren’t. But you remember them anyway, whereas the cheapest factory products are long gone from your memory, and so they should be.

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