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Pyar Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines


Poetry is an art that has been used to express emotions and feelings for centuries. It is a medium that can touch the soul and evoke deep emotions in the reader. Urdu poetry is particularly known for its beauty, elegance, and depth of meaning. One of the most popular themes in Urdu poetry is love, and pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines is a perfect example of how love can be expressed in a beautiful way.

If you are looking for a way to express your love to someone special in your life, then pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines is a great place to start. In this article, we will explore some of the best pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines, and show you how you can use this beautiful art form to express your love.

What is Pyar Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines?

Pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines is a form of Urdu poetry that consists of two lines, or “sher,” that express the feeling of love. These two lines are often written in a way that captures the essence of love and its many facets, such as longing, desire, joy, and pain.

Pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines has a long history in Urdu literature, and has been used by poets for centuries to express their love and admiration for their beloved. It is a form of poetry that is widely appreciated and loved by Urdu poetry lovers around the world.

Best Pyar Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines

Here are some of the best pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines that you can use to express your love:

  • “Tumhari ankhon mein aankhen daal ke, maine khud ko kho diya hai. Ab tum hi batao, main kahan hoon?”
  • “I lost myself in your eyes. Now tell me, where am I?”
  • “Mohabbat mein kabhi dil se laga kar dekhna, Phir shayad tumhein bhi ishq ho jaye.”
  • Translation: “Try loving with all your heart, then maybe you will fall in love too.”
  • “Jab tak teri saanson se juda hoon, main jeeta rahoon ga, ye meri khwaish hai. Tujhse hi pyar karoon ga, tujhse hi shaadi karoon ga.”
  • Translation: “As long as I am connected to your breath, I will keep living. It is my wish to love only you and marry only you.”
  • “Tumhein paane ki chahat mein humne khud ko kho diya hai, par tumne to sirf humein khone ka darr diya hai.”
  • Translation: “I lost myself in the desire to have you, but you only gave me the fear of losing you.”
  • “Tum meri zindagi ho, meri khushi ho, meri bechaini ho. Tumhari mohabbat se mujhe sab mil gaya hai.”
  • “You are my life, my happiness, my restlessness. Your love has given me everything.”

Urdu poetry is famous for its beauty and depth of emotions, especially when it comes to the theme of love or “pyar” in Urdu. Two-line poetry or “shayari” in Urdu is a popular form of expression for poets and enthusiasts alike. Here are some examples of two-line Urdu poetry on the theme of love

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“Tumhari yaad dil se nahi nikalti, isi liye toh hum aksar aankhon mein chubhte hain.”

“Your memory doesn’t leave my heart, that’s why it often pricks my eyes.”

“Tumhare baghair zindagi adhoori hai, isi liye toh tumhe paane ki chahat nahi chhodte hum.”

“Life is incomplete without you, that’s why we don’t give up on the desire to have you.”

“Teri har baat pe dil haar gaya, isi liye toh ab bas tujhe yaad karta hoon.”

Translation: “I lost my heart to every word of yours, that’s why now I just remember you.”

“Jab se tujhse pyar kiya hai, tab se har saans mein teri khushboo hai.”

“Since I’ve loved you, every breath of mine carries your fragrance.”

“Kaise kahun tujhse ki meri zindagi ki dor tere haath mein hai, isi liye toh aaj bhi tere intezar mein hoon.”

“How can I tell you that the string of my life is in your hands, that’s why even today I wait for you.”

These are just a few examples of the beautiful and poignant two-line Urdu poetry on the theme of love or “pyar.” Such poetry is not only a form of expression but also a celebration of the richness and depth of the Urdu language.

How to Use Pyar Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines to Express Your Love

Now that you have seen some of the best pyar poetry in Urdu 2 lines, it’s time to learn how you can use this beautiful art form to express your love. Here are some tips:

The first step is to find the right sher that captures the essence of your love. Look for a sher that resonates with you and your feelings.



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