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Quality Cooling System Components for Trucks


The engine’s cooling system plays numerous critical roles in the proper function of heavy vehicles. It primarily helps increase horsepower, fuel economy, and driver comfort, reduce emissions and facilitate more extensive vehicle uptime. So, if you are searching for high-quality cooling system parts such as fan clutch repair kits, fan clutches, and fans, remember Horton- the most sought-after brand for American truck engines.

Horton cooling systems are available to the Australian market through a Melbourne-based company known as Norman G Clark. So, here is a more in-depth overview of Horton fans and fan clutches and why they are so vital.

Norman G Clark cooling systems

A truck’s cooling system consists of a few key elements, including:

  • Radiator
  • Water pump
  • Coolant overflow tank
  • Thermostat
  • Fan clutch (also known as fan drive)
  • Fan

Horton fabricates both the fan and fan clutch. In terms of operations, the fan clutch manages how fast the fan spins based on the engine’s cooling needs. Therefore, when an engine’s temperature rises during operation, the fan clutch induces faster fan spin. Since the fan, in essence, controls air flowing into the engine, when this function works as intended, you get more optimised cooling airflows.

Improving the cooling process’ efficiency facilitates more energy being directed to powering the rest of the truck.

About The Norman G Clark Company

As mentioned above, while Horton cooling solutions for heavy-duty engines are available in Australia, they are manufactured under the Norman G Clark brand.

Norman Clark established the Norman G Clark label in Melbourne in 1919. At the time, he was primarily an importer. But, while he has since passed away, his legacy lives on in the company that has enjoyed sustained growth. This growth is so extensive that the brand has even moved into the production of cooling systems for numerous industrial applications.

In 1960, Norman G Clark obtained a license from Horton – a Minneapolis-based company- that made a popular range of clutches used in brakes known as Air Champs. In 1976, the company started producing Horton Fan Clutches as well. Despite the company’s focus on creating aftermarket parts for trucks in conjunction with an American brand, Norman G Clark still maintains its Australian ownership and operation. The company employs 26 people, and Horton Fan Clutch manufacture remains its highest by volume.

The Horton Brand

Horton was established in 1951 in Minneapolis, USA. The company is a prominent producer of OEM components for engine cooling systems. While the brand’s beginnings focused on industrial clutch production, the business quickly shifted its expertise into creating truck cooling fans.

Horton fan drives played a significant role in boosting the company’s profile as early as the 1970s. These components demonstrated to truck manufacturers that they were capable of improving fuel efficiency. As a result, most American truck-producing companies regarded Horton fan drives as standard equipment by the 1980s.

Today, Horton continues to innovate newer and better truck component technology. The company has numerous independently licensed manufacturers in Europe, Mexico, Asia and Australia.

Therefore, if you are searching for quality, durable and reliable cooling system components in Australia, look no further than Horton fans, manufactured in Australia by Norman G Clark. Both brands pride themselves on offering trusted and efficient aftermarket parts for trucks that will sustain your truck’s efficiency and keep it on the road longer.

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