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Reasons You Should Incorporate a Cook and Chill System into Your Restaurant 


You must consider several factors to manage your restaurant better, like your employees. You should hire efficient and competent employees to guarantee customer satisfaction. Besides, no customer would return to a place where they were discriminated against or served poorly. Also, time management is a critical aspect, and it significantly affects the productivity of a business. Time management in a restaurant can be enhanced by incorporating machines like cook-chill equipment which serves several functions. Also, this equipment will reduce the staff needed, thus saving costs.

What is a Cook and Chill System?

A cook and chill system typically involves a simply controlled system for food preparation purposed to provide flexibility in food service and operations.

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Primarily, this system’s technique involves cooking food thoroughly, rapidly chilling it, and storage under controlled temperatures. The storage can last up to five days. However, the food must be regenerated when required before serving it. This production system is safe and straightforward to operate.

Why Should You Get a Cook and Chill System?

If you cook food and chill it for later consumption, its temperatures must be lowered safely from 70 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius within ninety minutes. On the other hand, if you want to freeze cooked food, its temperature should be reduced from 70 degrees Celsius to -18 degrees Celsius. This should not be conducted in more than 240 minutes as it would break the law and put your customers at a high health risk. The risk comes in because bacteria very aggressively between 5-63 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the food must get past this hazard zone as quickly as possible.

Note that it is not advisable to put hot food into a refrigerator as it will not cool fast enough. Also, the hot food leads to a peak in temperature, thus endangering all the food stored there while overworking the fridge’s system.

Benefits of Using the Cook and Chill System

There are several benefits you will enjoy from using this system, and they include the following:

Economy on Raw Material

Operating a restaurant may require you to buy raw materials in bulk for convenience and to enjoy the discounts that come with bulk buying. Also, you can buy a product when they are in season and cost less, thus saving on cost. Consequently, this will allow you to get products with high nutritional capacity and taste, thus, better cooking.

Food Safety

This system allows you to store cooked food under the proper temperatures. Thus, it does not go wrong. Therefore, the health of your customers will be taken into consideration always.


The cook and chill system allows you to distribute work uniformly throughout the day or week. Therefore, you will always respond to demand well without pressure. This way, you can plan well on when to cook, significantly when the customers’ inflow is reduced.

In summary, the cook and chill systems will allow you to enjoy advantages such as maintaining food flavor, appearance, nutritional value, and quality. Also, you will enjoy high profitability flexibility and better management.

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